Slice of First Grade

      Whew Parent-Teacher conferences are now O-V-E-R. YAY Done. Done. Done!!! 
      One more faculty meeting and ten more school days then- Schooools out for summer!
     Not that I’m that excited, but I guess it can’t be stopped, so I might as well enjoy the time I have left being the parent of school age children, and not one adult and one college girlL. But I can tell you I am one PROUD Momma. My son graduates OSU this Saturday with a JOB! And baby girl graduates in two weeks WITH honors.
      Meanwhile back in first grade we are learning all about fish. And my kiddos love it! Here is a chart I made up to put what we are wondering.       I cut the edges off post-it notes for the kids to write their wondering's on. Then I put them on the fish like scales . No making fun of my fishy artist I am not. I teased Hadley I used her lips for my model (she really has full beautiful lips and I am jealous).

The kiddos came up with some really great “wonderings” for us to discover through our unit. We are learning about “Oklahoma fish” and “Ocean fish” before we go on our field trip next Thursday.

       Also as promised I snapped some photos of my kiddos poems from our poetry unit. They are quite clever first graders...especially the one that wrote about her teacher!

A submarine ship that goes under you can see the fish you  can see the sharks  you can see the catfish you can see everything

Cell Phone
A cell phone talking to someone today hi hi hi cell phone hand back up hi  hi h i goodbye  see  you later

My teacher My teacher my smart teacher she knows adjectives homonyms synonyms and more
when I go to second grade I will never forget my first grade teacher is the best in the world

A Herd of clouds
Have a great week only two more days for me we are out on Friday!



  1. Well, you really are winding down, down, down. Congratulations to your son and daughter. I know you're so proud & rightly so! I love the 'herd of clouds'-wonderful. Thanks for sharing all, Tammy!

  2. Thank you for an interesting story. Your children are grown up and moving on, and you have fun in first grade with fish, and writing.

  3. Don't you just love where their minds go with poetry? I'm so glad you shared. Happy few weeks left!