Common Core and Wildlife- UPDATE

I now have the power point version of this worksheet at my TpT store for those of you who asked. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to get it into word so that it came out clear....I know, I know, I am technologically challenged....but hope it helps!

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday and time to talk about the Common Core. I have been busy working on a worksheet that I think will help me dissect these crazy standards so that I can read them and hopefully make them more user friendly-at least until we get to know one another, Mr. CCS and I.
I have a feeling we are going to become life-long cohortsnot friendsjust cohortsat least until the next change that they throw at us.
I have looked at it so much my head hurts. Or maybe it hurts because I’m out of Diet Pepsi, or because the wind is blowing 90 to nothing and my sinus are going whack-o. But I’m blaming it on Mr. CCS.
I’ve had some super sweet people comment on my blog and ask me questions about Mr. CCS, and I have to tell you I LIKE comments, and visitors. I do! There is nothing more fun than opening your page and seeing someone has stopped by with something nice to say. It makes my day.
Sadly I no longer have someone home all day to say nice things to me. My daughter used to. Until she got a job. Because I made her. Don’t judge she’s 18. It was time. She was no longer swimming all day for the swim team. So she needed a job. As a lifeguard. In the hot blazing sun. She does not like it. But she liked her paycheck.
So she no longer says nice things to me like, let’s go to lunch. Or let’s go to Braums (sorry Teeny) for an ice cream. Or can I have 20 bucks for gas?
Now all she does is sleep and work. And buy herself Braums and lunch.
Except yesterday. Yesterday we enrolled her in school COLLEGE  (Go Pokes!). FORTY-FIVE miles away! I thought we’d get there and she’d be intimidated with the bigness of it all, and say never mind lets go home.
But she wasn’t. And she didn’t. She loved it. And is SO excited to leave me start! L
They separated the parents from their kiddos right away. We were taken into an auditorium and told how different our lives were going to be. How our kids needed to learn to take care of themselves. Be responsible. Learn to do their laundry, and enroll all by their lonesome.
And I’m sitting there thinking, really? There are parents here that still do their kids laundry?
Then we went to lunch. We were allowed to eat with our kids.
We sat across from another mom and her daughter. Hadley asked what I’d like to drink and went to get them.
The girl across from us sent her mom to get theirs.
Hadley and I ate and talked about her morning.
The other girl talked AT her mom, and complained because she didn’t like any of the food, and (insert whine here) heeer freeennnndss werrrre sitttting oveeeeer theeeerrre. She had no meat on her plate.  She did not eat her food. I don’t think she was from Oklahoma.
Hadley cleaned her plate, and carried our plates away for us.
My girl is going to be and do amazing things in this next chapter of her life. I am so proud of her.
So she is now enrolled in OSU for the 2012-13 school year in the Degree field of Natural Resource and Ecology Management for wildlife management.
I can now officially answer when people ask what my kids are went to college for by saying-“One went for grass, and the other for wildlife!”
Okay I have no idea what ANY of that has to do with common core or how got from common core to wildlife. I think Farley and Teeny call those Squirrel moments.I think I call them having no one to talk to all day so you are my captive audience! Ha!
Here is the form I came up with to dissect the standards. One is showing how it could be used. The other is blank and free for a bit if you go to my TpT store. If you like the example I can probably come up with a page for each standard, and just leave parts of it blank for you to fill in.

I am still working on connecting some of my favorite units to Mr. CCS. Ok not really “working” on it, but I am thinking about it. J

My closing advice for you moms todayteach your kids to do their own laundry at an EARLY age. Mine were putting theirs away as soon as they could open and shut the dresser drawers, and washing and drying as soon as they could reach the knobs on the machines-which was an early age for my 6 foot daughter and 6 foot plus son. You’ll be glad you did when they go to college. J



  1. I enjoyed your stream of consciousness! (Your daughter sounds like a sweety.) I spent the last three days working on Common Core. Fun times. Oh, and let me know when you'd like to join up again for Saturday Sayings. I loved having you around last week.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. It was great! I would love to join in again any time. I have even bought a Reggie Routman book because of all your great sayings.
      Thanks Tammy!

    2. Sweet! Which one did you buy? Well, you're welcome to join me as often as you'd like. Let me know when you're ready, and I'll link up with you. I do love the company.

  2. It sounds like you raised your daughter right!! She seems ready for college & the real world. :) Thanks for the CCS dissection form. I have a love/hate relationship with Mr. CCS right now!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Ahhh me too Lisa me too. and thank you, both of my kids have been true blessings.

  3. Good job on raising an independent sweet child! Thanks for the form!
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  4. Awww--this is sweet. I love your daughter!!!!!!
    And stop teasing me about Braums!!! :)

  5. I love your posts! HaHa. I have a 19 month old, but he already helps me with laundry! Except, he tries to put clean clothes in the laundry. I'll be doing it and next thing I know he has pulled clothes out of his drawer and is bringing them to me :/ ha.

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  6. It's hard to let your kids go. I cried buckets when both my boys moved out. But it's so wonderful to watch them grow up and become beautiful, contributing members of society :))

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  7. I've missed so much... didn't know you had a new design. Love it though...but...I loved the other one too!

    Get to work on a page for each standard & so you can print them for me when school starts.

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  9. Thanks for the shout out last week. It was so sweet of you. I did more than double my followers. Since your school is adopting Common Core before ours, I'm going to let you be my guide. lol

    this will be my first week w/o a workshop, etc... so I'm going to try to get some of my Oklahoma book redone.

    MY daughter is only 9, but I try to let her help me with things around the house. Everytime we have a church dinner, she makes brownies. She had a friend over for lunch last week and he said he couldn't put the toppings on his baked potato, I was shocked. I don't think his mom is doing him (or his future wife any favors if she continues doing everything for him).
    Have a great weekend!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  10. Aww congrats on having such a mature, respectful daughter! Mine just turned 13 and does her own laundry already too! I am trying to get a Blogger Meet-up in OKC going for the 3rd weekend in July, I would love it if you would join us! Elizabeth from Fun in Room 4B and Kaci from Mrs. Hoffer's Kindergarten are going to be coming in too, so we should have a lot of fun!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  11. Love this lesson planning sheet!Thank you!!

  12. I tried to find your common core lesson plan template on your TPT store but couldn't find it.

  13. Just now finding this post and I now want Braum's. I live in Arizona but my family lives in Oklahoma. They don't have Braum's here so every time I visit Oklahoma I get Braum's. I know that isn't education related. However, my mind is on the heat of Arizona and Braum's sounds so yummy. Love the blog.