Teacher's Write...and Do Math

Today’s assignment for Teacher's Write  writing camp is about outlines, and how they are a part of our writing lives, whether they are formal in looks or a few scribbles jotted on bit and pieces of scrap paper. I have my notebook that I use to write ideas, thoughts, wonders, observations, and feelings, but I have never thought about them as outlines. Kate suggests before we take on an outline for our own writing we can practice by making an outline for a favorite book. Which I think is a great idea, and will be my starting point for my “homework” today.
In first grade I have never had my kiddos use outlines. We have made them together, and I have modeled them as ways to gather thoughts. But rather than a formal outline I show my kiddos how to make story maps and webs, trace their hands and use it to write thoughts and ideas, even to draw a picture of something they’re writing about and then stem ideas from that.
Here is a quickie poem I came up about outlines and below is an example of what I might use with my kiddos.  

Why haven’t I thought of that?
that dreaded, hated
part of comp classes,
but oh so helpful.
I am off to outline my day,
my week,
my next best,
amazingly loved,
wonderfully written,
quickly published,
sold out picture book…
Oh wait that would be my first book,
sitting on the horizon
of my yet to make outline!

Don’t forget the Guided Math book study starts today! Brenda at Primary Inspired has the first chapter. That’s where I am headed next (after I move the furniture in my living room and clean!) so
 *** POST ALERT*** there may be more than 1 today! Don’t call be calling the Blogger Cops on me! 


  1. I am waiting to get my book later this week...I hate starting behind but it will just have to be that way!! :) Looking forward to getting started!

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

  2. Really fun way to start, Tammy. I don't usually see poems from you, so I'm impressed that you are writing all these kinds of things. Love that piggie outline!

  3. Ditto with what Linda said. This was a fun way to start!

    I did lots of boxes and bullets with my fourth and fifth graders. Believe it or not I still outline when I take notes. (Shhh! That's a secret. It makes me seem kinda old, doesn't it?)