Cheese Cake and Bloggers

Wooo Hoo Looks like my bestest teacher buddy and I will be attending the Okie Blogger Meet Up! It’s an hour and half trip for us, but we are up for the challenge road trip!
It’s going to be at the Cheese Cake Factory near Penn Square Mall and LAKESHORE. I’d better start saving my pennies and calories now! Not only that, bestest buddy and I are going down early to have lunch at TED’s (Mexican food.sorry Kristin)! Yummmo!
So if you are an Okie Blogger (or just a stalker), or near us Okies come to OKC and this Saturday and have a slice of cheese cake (or two) and what is sure to be a fun filled good timeWe’re from Oklahoma for heaven sakes it HAS to be fun!


Finally! Something Checked Off My List!

Finally, Finally, Finally I have finished one (yes only one) back to school project. Time is running out and I still have sooooooo much to do. We start on August 16th (teachers on the 13th) which is better than the other local schools that start on the 9th. Do they not realize it is 110 degrees out?? And is only going to get worse in the great state on Oklahoma. My poor lil kiddos are going to be melting I tell you with a capital M. We don’t nap in first grade but we will be “resting while listening” after our 40 minute lunch recess. The teacher those little darlings are going to need it.
This week I have to cook/host a surprise birthday party, interview prospective new teachers at our school, pick my mom up from the airport, finish school items and buy supplies, and nap. I feel the end of my summer closing in as we speak or read or whatever it is we’re doing.

SO on to my newest project. It is a “Back to School Book.” I designed it as an activity for the kiddos, and an assessment tool for me. We begin school on a Thursday (I know-right) and so having something to keep the kiddos engaged and not melting is my top priority.
This book is made so that you can keep it until the end of the year and use it as a starting point with your kiddos.
The pictures show how to put it together and how I used the super cute new duct tape designs and colors to pull it all together. Common Core standards are listed on the last page.
First page before folding

After folding.

The rest of the book all folded.

Staple all pages together. 
Find you some of this (duct tape)

Cut a strip a little longer than the book.

Cut slits in top and bottom. Fold to make tabs. 


Place book about halfway in the middle of the duct tape.

Fold the tape over the stapled edge. 

Fold the tape to the inside of the first and last folded pages, so they don't show. 

Whaaa Laaa a bound book that will last the year.
And cute too!

Comes in TWO versions-First grade specific or generic.

The tape is a is a good place for info. 

So here it is. I hope you like it. Or think it could be useful. Or at least don’t think I’m a total dork. You can find your copy here.
If you’d like a copy I will send one to the first person to add a nice comment.
Coming soon- Family Involvement items, How to befriend a dragon, and what to do with smelly socks!


Guilty Pleasures, Giveaway, and Can I Say A** on Here?

                                           Blog Title

I’ve been trying and trying to come up with a clever idea for a Linky party, but I just keep coming up with NOTHING!
So instead I guess I’ll just keep linking up will all the other fun ones I keep finding in blog-o-sphere.
*****************commercial break************
I am sorry for the disruption, but I have Dr. Phil on while I am writing this. It is about women who are having “work” done on their bodies. This chick wanted her butt BIGGER! Seriously! Someone that wants a BIGGER butt! I cannot wrap my head around this one. I have spent my ENTIRE life trying to HIDE my ASS (am I allowed to say that on here)! Even when I was a size FIVE I would try and hide that part of me. I rode horses people. I am from the country. My mother and grandmother were farm women who cooked chicken fried steak, pies, and homemade bread.
I can save these women TONS of money and pain. They just need to visit me for a week or two. I can give them a bigger butt, broader hips, and muscular arms all through a little farm work and good FOOD! Or they can just take some of my A**!
****************Ok Sorry*******************
But that does kinda lead into my guilty pleasures and linking up The Resource Room Teacher and her Guilty Pleasure Linky Party.

And probably at the top of the list are talk shows. I love to watch these idiots on talk shows in the summer. Dr. Phil, The View, and The Chew are some of my new favorites. But really Dr. Phil you are not ALWAYS right.
I think The Chew is probably my favorite. They crack me up, and have great recipes.  

My next guilty pleasure is Diet Pepsi. I tried to give it up the other morningI made it until 9:30 AM. I have to have my Diet Pepsi EVERY morning. You have your coffee, I have my Pepsi. I am bad I know. My daughter has not had a pop in over four years. I should have her will power. I’ll think about it after I drink this Pepsi.
Another summer favorite (ok, ok summer, winter, spring, or fall) is Sonic Blasts with Reese's Peanut butter cups. Yummy!  My hubby and I made the mistake of ordering a large the other day. They had changed the sizes. We did not know. The new larges are the size of a LARGE drink (was a medium drink size before). OH MY. I could not eat it all. 
I tried.

My last guilty pleasure leads me right into an awesome Giveaway too. (like how I worked that out?) Stop by Teaching Madness she is having an amazing 500+ follower giveaway. She is giving away a 50$ Amazon gift card. WOW! I would love to win that one!
 I LOVE LOVE Amazon dot com. I visit there daily. I spend WAY too much money there. On books. For my classroom. And for me.
I do not want to know how much how I have spent there in the last few years. I could probably buy a car. Or pay for my child’s college. Or have my A** worked on!

Don’t forget to visit these two awesome blogs and their fun parties! 

Must Have Picture Book Linky and A Broken Heart

The Teacher Wife

Lindsey or better known as The Teacher Wife is having a linky party that is right up my alley because I LOVE picture books. I love reading them. I love looking at them. I love BUYING them. I love writing them (or dreaming about it). And I love SHARING them! What a great idea for a linky party. If you have never visited her blog you need to rush right over, and while you are there check out her TpT store. She has some awesome products.
So now onto a few of my favorite books, I promise I’ll keep it to just a few. OK....I’ll try. 
One of my newest favorite is The Beautiful Oops

 I read it to my kiddos last year and they asked for me to read it over and over again. We used it as a mentor text in writing workshop and just as a sweet reminder that everyone makes mistakes and something beautiful can and may come from those mistakes. 

I absolutely love ALL Cynthia Rylant books, but The Relatives Came is probably my MOST favorite of hers. The kiddos love it and like writing their own family vacation memories after we read it.  

Last is the Underwear book. Who doesn't love a good book about Underwear? The kiddos giggle through the whole book and as soon as it's done want it read again and gain. We always make a class book designing our own underwear! 

That's just a very small taste of some of my favorite books. There are so so many more. But right now I'm off to check out the rest of the linkers at the party! I'll be watching for yours!

This is where I get to say ************** squirrel***********
because I have a question. 
Anyone have some good advice as to what to tell a daughter that has just experienced her first break up? 
A band aide ain't gonna to fix this owie and this momma is at a loss! 

26 Letters Means 26 Days

I think I missed last Thursday’s post about good ‘ol Mr. CC. And maybe the Thursday before thatcan you tell I have no idea what day of the week it is at any given time or day in the summer? Well what else are summers for right?
 My summer has been going so quickly, and I TRY not to think about school, my classroom, Mr. CC, losing my summer (and tan), and my baby leaving, but it just isn’t working, as hard as I tryL.
So today good ‘ol Mr. CC popped into my head while I was working out doing sit ups sitting on the couch watching The Chew (LOVE that show).
I remembered something the lady at the workshop I went to in May said about Kindergarten teachers and how they teach. She told them gone are the days of teaching a letter a week (there air literally swooshed out of the room from the collective breath from the first grade teachers). She related that the letters should be reviewed ONLY the first 26 days and that’s it. They should then move them into reading and more sight word activities.  
Not only was I excited about this bit of news. It started me thinking about the amount of time I probably waste in first grade. It seems to take FOR_EVER to teach handwriting. It is agonizing for kids and teacher alike. 
This year I have decided we will spend the first few days on pencil grip, and paper slant, and then it’s going to be 26 days and DONE! I am going to do a letter a day, send home a practice sheet, and then that is it. Of course we will write every day, but time spent on mechanics is going to be drastically minimized.
I've got so much many more important things to teach those little kiddos!
Do you have anything you’re cutting back on this year?
I’d love to know!


Common Core Planning in Word

Just a quickie today! If you were one of those that needed my Common Core Planning Sheet in a word doc. I have now downloaded it in word here. I hope it works for ya!

I'm off to see if I can sell my cute BEE rug I used to have in my classroom. Anyone need one? It's HUGE and CUTE...but you have to come and get it!


Updating the Ugly and Freebies

While cleaning up my classroom the other day I noticed that the days of the week and months of the year I have been hanging on my walls for years;  look like I’ve been hanging them on my walls for years ! UG_GLY with a double UGG!

So I decided I could make some new ones that would be cute and functional (that’s what I get for thinking). Here is what I came up with. 

Not too bad and MUCH better than the faded, bent, old, UGLY ones.  I am happy to share if yours have been hanging for years too. Grab them here and here, laminate, cute, and hang.   

This week my goals are a first day book for my kiddos to complete, and organizing ALL my bloggy friends you see over there (look left)       I’m thinking a category for my Tammy bloggers, one for Oklahoma and Kansas bloggers, one for first grade, second grade, big kid grades, and maybe a special one just for Kristin and Farley called “Blogs that make my sides hurt from laughing.”

But then we all know how I am with goalskeep your fingers crossed!Photobucket

Words of Loving Wisdom...or Not!

Deb at Fabulously First is having a fun linky party so before my post 4th of July party starts I thought I’d join in. She’s asking us to link up with our words of wisdom for first year teachers. My student teacher from two years ago was hired at our school last year, and she would sometimes ask for bits of advice. I’ll share with you the two most important bits I think I gave her. You should pop on over and link up with your bits of loving wisdom too. 


Winner and New Wall

Welllll ok I didn’t make my goal. Life gets in the way of goals sometimes. And so does laziness. And bloggers block.

I just didn’t have anything of importance to blog about this week.
I thought about blogging about my boring 4th plans, but that just seemed whiney, and boring.
I thought about blogging about all the work I have been doing in my room. That is now done (can I get an Amen) until August. 
But it took too much energy after all my cleaning, and arranging, and cleaning.
I thought about blogging about the stinkin heat. But it’s not THAT hot yet.
And I thought about blogging. But I didn’t. SO I missed my goal. SO there will be no giveaway.
That is something to blog about. So thanks to everyone who blogged, pinned, Facebooked, or shouted about my giveaway.
I have seen a LOT of amazing giveaways out there. I entered some. I never win. But I still enter.
Well ok onto MY winnerdrum roll please……………….
The winner is- The Polk-a-dot Owl
  ** I've been a follower, but I am loving the look and the new name!! So cute!! I don't have a blog but I pinned it on my Pinterest board. I hope that counts! :)**
And here is my random generator. 
He is very handy. He picked number 8. And she won! I could have done the whole number generator thingy. But it’s much more fun asking hubby dear. While he’s trying to listen to his scanner. Ready, willing, and able to fight fires at first tone. Which is how he spent the fourth. And I spent it alone L. But that is ok he was helping protect our community. And he did. Three times. Once from one of my past students. He is brave!
Finally here is a snapshot of my new wall. 
New painted wall. 
Old ugly white wall.

Mr. Principal said, “that is not a school color.” I said “you should have bought the paint.” Not really. But I thought it.
I just smiled. He was not mad....I think.  

Congrats Miss.Owl I'll be in touch!