26 Letters Means 26 Days

I think I missed last Thursday’s post about good ‘ol Mr. CC. And maybe the Thursday before thatcan you tell I have no idea what day of the week it is at any given time or day in the summer? Well what else are summers for right?
 My summer has been going so quickly, and I TRY not to think about school, my classroom, Mr. CC, losing my summer (and tan), and my baby leaving, but it just isn’t working, as hard as I tryL.
So today good ‘ol Mr. CC popped into my head while I was working out doing sit ups sitting on the couch watching The Chew (LOVE that show).
I remembered something the lady at the workshop I went to in May said about Kindergarten teachers and how they teach. She told them gone are the days of teaching a letter a week (there air literally swooshed out of the room from the collective breath from the first grade teachers). She related that the letters should be reviewed ONLY the first 26 days and that’s it. They should then move them into reading and more sight word activities.  
Not only was I excited about this bit of news. It started me thinking about the amount of time I probably waste in first grade. It seems to take FOR_EVER to teach handwriting. It is agonizing for kids and teacher alike. 
This year I have decided we will spend the first few days on pencil grip, and paper slant, and then it’s going to be 26 days and DONE! I am going to do a letter a day, send home a practice sheet, and then that is it. Of course we will write every day, but time spent on mechanics is going to be drastically minimized.
I've got so much many more important things to teach those little kiddos!
Do you have anything you’re cutting back on this year?
I’d love to know!



  1. I like that idea as a review and think I will add some kindergarten sight words that include the day's letter as well.

    I do review handwriting through splling practice as well. Gone are the days of the handwriting books and built in time.

    Hope this helps!
    The Resourceful Apple

  2. I struggle with handwriting time. You are right. It's boring not only for me, but for the kids. I really like your 26 day plan. I'm in!

    First Grade Magic

  3. I have never really spent a lot of time teaching handwriting. I use our reading pages as a time to talk about handwriting. Sometimes I give 5 bonus points for neat papers as an incentive. I like your idea of 26 in 26. As I was reading it, it came to me to add those sight words from kdg to the practice also. I probably need to do a time study, I'm sure I waste a lot of time in my classroom, I just need to figure out where and make some changes. (:

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher