Cheese Cake and Bloggers

Wooo Hoo Looks like my bestest teacher buddy and I will be attending the Okie Blogger Meet Up! It’s an hour and half trip for us, but we are up for the challenge road trip!
It’s going to be at the Cheese Cake Factory near Penn Square Mall and LAKESHORE. I’d better start saving my pennies and calories now! Not only that, bestest buddy and I are going down early to have lunch at TED’s (Mexican food.sorry Kristin)! Yummmo!
So if you are an Okie Blogger (or just a stalker), or near us Okies come to OKC and this Saturday and have a slice of cheese cake (or two) and what is sure to be a fun filled good timeWe’re from Oklahoma for heaven sakes it HAS to be fun!



  1. mmmm...cheesecake factory - make sure you see if Buggy for Second can go - I think she's on vacay right now, but she lives in that area.....I

    1. She's up in Kansas City Jen, which is about a six hour drive for her. We're going to try and plan one a little closer for her and us!
      I would love to meet her (and you too!)

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I love your blog! Stop by again tomorrow and reenter my giveaway!


  3. Oh darn!! I wish it was a little bit closer and then I could come!! I hope you all have fun and I can't wait to see pictures!