Family Involvement and Freebies Throwin' Back to Summer 2012!

This was one of my top posts from last summer! I LOVE family involvement and try to incorporate more and more each year. My kiddos loved these journals last year and I am adding more to them as we speak  read  write... connect how's that?! So for my first ever link up with the amazing Cara Carroll at First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday I am throwing all the way back to last summer and these fun little family involvement journals...but stay tuned because I will be updating and adding to them this summer...which is quickly closing in on me! But no time to worry now I have salads and cakes to back for our THREE day 4th of July celebration...maybe we should make it is the FOURTH of July! Happy Birthday America!
I am a HUGE fan of family involvement in my classroom. Last year I felt like I didn’t do it as much justice as I usually do (other than reading homework every night).
SO this year I am trying something new. I have made 20 (so far) Family Involvement Journals. These journals range from a Backyard journal and Birthday journals to Family Traditions and Football journals.
A few of the journals have props that go with them such as a stuffed moose and dragon, a super hero cape, a chef’s hat, a magnifying glass, and various stories and books that relate to the journals.
I plan to keep them in a tub and allow the kids to pick which journals they would like to take home and share with their families. The birthday journal will be sent home on or near their birthday unless they have a summer birthday then they will get to choose when they take it home.
For easy handling and an easy way to keep the journal and props together I will put each journal in a clear plastic zip lock bag.
I have made 20 different labels and have bought the composition journals for .50$ each to glue the labels to. Spiral notebooks would work too, but I have found the composition type to be a little sturdier. I will cover the books and labels in clear contact paper to add a little extra protection.
Here are a few I have started and the tub I plan to put them in. 

So there you have it my attempt at bringing a little more family involvement to my classroom, while meeting various ccs in literacy, math, and oral communication. You can find a couple of freebies when you download the preview and get the entire set here.
I am excited to introduce them to my kiddos. How many do you think want the “Super Hero” journal first? Maybe I should make duplicates



  1. That's a great idea!! I am always looking for ways to increase family involvement. Thanks for sharing!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. This is such a great idea, I love it!

  3. These look great! Thanks for making them and sharing them. I'm going to grabbed them.

  4. I'm thinking of starting something very similar! I'm going to tie a little bit of reading into mine too. It's great to see how other teachers are doing this!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. It's a great idea, Tammy. I hope you'll blog about how it goes later in the year. This seems just like all the things you do, so thoughtful for all those you work with, students & parents!

  6. These are stinking adorable! I like your idea~so fun for students.

  7. Hi Tammy! We just found you through Fifth in the Middle's states link. We teach 1-2 multi-agers in Tulsa. We would like to set up an Okie Blogger Lunch in August. A date has not been set yet...we will let you know! We would love for you to hop over and visit us at

    Victoria & Tricia♥

  8. Really enjoyed these this past school year....lots of fun. Aiden enjoyed them too!! :) Great work and ideas u have!!! :)