I am a Blue- Slice of Life

I am a blue. I am not blue. But I am the color blue. For one of our in service meetings this year our principal invited a man from our local career tech school to come and speak to us. He gave us the “true color personality test.” It was supposed to help us better understand each other and how we interact with each other and our students.
I discovered I am a “true” blue. I got a perfect “blue” score.
Here is what the “blue personality” looks like.
I see myself as:
empathetic, caring,
nurturing, a
communicator &
valuing feelings
flourish with
rather than

In relationships:
seek harmony,
warmth & romance

As a child:
was imaginative &

Yep that petty well sums me up. All my other colors were pretty close in score, so who knows what that means. The funny thing is I raised two very real GOLDS!
Here are their characteristics.
I see myself as:
consistent, goal oriented,
realistic, prepared,
dependable, loyal,
responsible &
having leadership
I believe that work
comes before play

I am serious & tend
to have traditional,
conservative views
of love & marriage

As a child
I understood &
respected authority
& wanted to follow
the rules

I think maybe our colors change as the phases of our life change. I can see me in many of the “colors” at different stages of my life. If you’d like to discover your color you can take a version of the test here.
The premise of the whole test was to help us connect better with our students and colleagues. Funny though I didn’t realize we weren’t connecting. I love everyone! I’m BLUE!  



  1. I thought I was going to be a true blue too, but then realized that I'm gold. Solid gold! Interesting and useful - thanks for sharing!

  2. It's funny to find out little nuggets of information about ourselves. I totally see you as blue, just from what you've written in the past.

  3. Loved this, & I agree, you certainly do seem to be true blue from the stories you tell about your life, Tammy. I am definitely orange, except that I also read a lot. Thanks for telling about this.

  4. I have done that too! More than half of our staff members were blue or gold. My blue and gold scores were almost tied.

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