A Slice of Life in September

In September the morning chills, but the afternoon still scalds.

In September the arch of the morning sun moves away from my resting spot and onto the open edges of the patio.
In September county fairs gather the largest livestock, the moistest cakes, and homiest of quilts.  State fairs cook outrageous food and host the screamingist of rides.
In September high schools cheer, and colleges tailgate.   
In September summer bids us happy trails and autumn whispers hello.
In September green turns to golden and purples become amber.
In September school yards are bustling. I hear the shouts of happy children from my window.
In September squirrels scurry-hurry to gather acorns and hide them away for December.
In September the geese’s v’s have turned the other way as they fly away from the cooling days.
In September twilight dawns sooner than later and shadows become shorter.
In September my days slow, my evenings lengthen, the nights chill, and mornings nip.
In September I am happy for new beginnings, sad for days gone, and hopeful in the moment.



  1. I love your poem Tammy. You painted so many images with your words that I could feel, taste, and touch. And yes, those afternoons really do scald in contrast to the September mornings!

  2. So like In November, you've captured the change of life in September.

  3. You captured September so well! All the reasons why I love this month!

  4. I started to copy my favorite lines, but realized that I like all of them. The first comparison and the way you are so good at comparisons, like the 'moistiest', 'largest' 'creamiest' & 'screamiest'.