Fairy Tale Fun and Freebie

Last week we ended our fairytale unit. I LOVED teaching fairytales. I do not know why I have not done it more often. The kiddos loved it. I loved it. I loved the activities it led to, and the way they grasped the concepts and wanted MORE!
Friday was our BIG culminating day and it started with a bang. We all wore (well ok THEY all wore)jammies to school, and brought a teddy bear too! We started the morning rereading some favorites like Goldilocks and Jack and the Beanstalk, and then compared them and other fairytales with some newer versions. We had a vote on The Three Little Pigs, and The REAL Story of the Three Little Pigs. All but one kiddo thought the pigs were telling the truth. The one girl who did not, would not budge from her position either!
We then had a “beary breakfast” courtesy of packaged oatmeal, mini muffins, orange juice, and gummy bears (in our “porridge” of course). The kids LOVED it. One way to get to your kids to think you are AMAZING is to FEED them! Works every time.

We ended our day with a “fairytale scavenger hunt.” I asked a few teacher friends if my kiddos could come “search” their rooms for a few items. They were more than happy to let us in, and even made sure they had a few of the items on the list in plain sight.
It was THE cutest thing I have seen this year. They were so excited and serious about their task. One little guy that rarely talks stopped in the middle of the hallway arms outstretched and so excitedly told yelled to me “We’ve got them! We’re finding EVERYTHING!!” I was rolling as he hurried off with his group.
After about 15 minutes all the groups came back to the room and I quizzed them on what they had found. They needed to tell me what the item was, what story it was from, and who or how it was used in the story. They were spot on with all their answers. What a great comprehension tool!
I have to say I will be doing this activity again this year with other units and concepts. I hope we don’t drive our neighbors crazy!    
Here is the scavenger page I used,

 and you can find your copy for free here if you want fun filled day of fairytale learning. 
I am out of school today for professional development day, and have a personal day tomorrow for my birthday! Woo Hoo a three day week!  



  1. ooh - I like the scavenger hunt :)

  2. I love it when we all get to have fun! I am so glad you had a great time with your kids!
    Crazy About First Grade

  3. What a very, beary fun activity, Tammy. I love fairy tales too & have read & examined them with older students too. Happy, happy birthday to you! Hope it's a fabulous day.

  4. It looks like the kids had sooo much fun! I love the the "porridge" with the gummy bears!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. Great job! Come join my first linky party: http://who-is-on-first.blogspot.com/2012/10/my-first-linky-party.html