A Slice on Sunday

I am slicing today because Ruth and Stacey live on the east coast and they are hunkering down for the “storm of the season” I hope the weather men are wrong as they usually are here, and it all passes them by. Stay safe eastern bloggy friends.

There are some days when I can barely drag myself to school. It is awful to admit, I know. But between the discipline, the testing, the state mandates, and just the day to day “stuff” I honestly at times feel it would be better just to stay home, and hide.  
Until I remember the horror of sub plans. And the horror of the day I return. And of course how much I will miss my kiddos.
Last Thursday was such a day. All week I had been conducting parent teacher conferences, having heated discussions with a fellow teacher about the “benefit” of timed test (or the lack thereof), and trying very hard to keep one of my kiddos engaged in learning and out from under her desk. All the while fighting 40 MPH winds at recess and during after school duties. It had been a loooongg week.
And then Thursday morning I was greeting my kiddos as they entered and one little guy handed me a card he had made. I have to admit I get a lot of pictures and items in the morning and I usually thank them and hang them up by my desk as I tell them how much I love their art work. I don’t spend a lot of time with each item, just enough to celebrate their work and tell them thank you.  
But some reason this one caught my attention and I stopped what I was doing to read it.

          It made my day. I love the part where he wrote "I like you in the beginning of the day." "I like you in the middle of the day." "I like you at the end of the day." Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever read?
         It made the chaos of the morning and week melt away and fill me with gratitude. Gratitude for the job I am able to have. Gratitude for the parents that entrust me with their children every day. Gratitude for these kiddos that keep me on my toes and still make me feel loved every day (even when I don’t love myself). Gratitude that I work with people that I may not agree with , but are still willing to appreciate their opinions. And gratitude for coming to school even on the days I would rather hide away in bed.
I have to take a moment to brag about my school. I don’t know if you state is “grading” your schools or not, but ours has just started. Of the 1700 plus schools in our state 45 elementary schools received an A. Our school was one of these schools.
Ever since my children were small and attended this school I have told people what a great school it is. Now I have proof. Here is one of the reasons. Here are a couple of pictures of my kiddos and their first and second grade teachers. They have been retired for a few years now, but they still treat my kids like their own. We were celebrating their first grade teacher's 70th birthday with a surprise party. They were the only "kids" that came. I had to have a picture.

Stay safe and dry east coast bloggers! Our thoughts are with you. 



  1. Hi Tammy,

    Glad you sliced early. Sounds like you had some of the winds we're expecting this week.

    I'm glad that the card was delivered to you at just the right moment in time.

    Have a great week,

  2. I had a moment like that last week as well. I was cranky and had to tutor 3 of my ell students and didn't want to. Well they were so excited to be there and excited to learn more. I couldn't stay in a bad mood. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that note. It made me oooh and ahhh. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. So very wonderful from your student, & for you Tammy. It seems that whenever we droop, someone gives us water, right? And I loved your pic of your "children" and their teacher. What a wonderful community you have, and congrats on the school 'grade' too. I imagine you are a big part of this, aren't you?!

  5. Thanks for sharing the love of your student and the picture of teachers. Like you, I can't seem to move away from the conversations of hopelessness, but the kids need us to keep the faith for them.
    I hear the winds out there blowing stronger and stronger but inside Ive been warmed by blog posts like yours,

  6. That was just the sweetest card ever...a treasure! He even gets the beginning, middle and end thing. It sounds like your whole school community is extremely deserving of the 'A'

  7. It's so reassuring to get those notes . . . few and far between in middle school, but I cherish every one I've ever received. This is one for the scrapbook.