Currently, Mountain Lions, and George Clooney

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Oh my it’s October already?!? Good grief where did September go? I read this week there is only 83 days left until Christmas!! And that was about three days ago. Good Grief bring on the stress!!!

On a happy note my baby girl is home, it is fall break for them. She spent the day in Pawhuska at the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve, for the state Range Club meeting. She was very excited. There was a wildlife biologist who spoke about mountain lionsin Oklahoma. They are here and very near. But we still don’t have mountainsmaybe they’ll come later.
 I really don’t see why she was so excited. She did not get to see George or Julie or Meryl, as in Clooney, Roberts, and Streep. They are in Pawhuska too! Filming a movie!!! I have been so excited, but I have yet to spy them. I just knew Hadley might get a glimpse today. No such luck. SHE was looking for mountain lions, and grass. Strange child.  
I might have to take a drive out that way this weekend. I just know George would LOVE to come and talk to my first graders! In his spare timeJ

On the set in Pawhuska.

In case you’re interested the movie is called August Osage County. It is written by a man that grew up here. It has been a Broadway play for years, and now Mr. Clooney is making it into a movie with Julia, Meryl, and Liv Tyler. I don’t know who else is in it, but I can hardly wait! They have been spotted at many nearby eating places, and a mall in Tulsa. I think a first grade classroom sounds like much more
So back to my currently my favorite fall book is Barn Dance by Bill Martin. 
I love the way it flows and sings. We always make scarecrows afterward. This year I bought the Glyph Girls Scarecrow pattern. I love those girls.
Tomorrow is FRIDAY! And I have one of my kiddos at home. 
Currently... Life is Good! 



  1. I've never read Barn Dance. I'll have to check it out!

    Fourth Grade Garden

  2. Wow! Three big stars in your town! That's crazy. If you get a picture of one of them you better post it on your blog! If you get a chance check out my blog and my currently!

    Kelly Nelson
    Owl Inspire You

  3. chilly in the morning?!?! what?!?! so jealous!!

    1. High of 48 Saturday Jen! Waaaayyy too early!

  4. That's so exciting!!!!!!! How fun!
    Glad your girl is home!
    I have to read that book---thanks for sharing.

  5. Happy to hear your daughter is back for a while, Tammy. And that is so exciting to hear about the movie-I hope you do get them all over to visit the little ones. Maybe they should write letters? Best to you!