Parent Conference Slice

Tonight there was a grandpa, two sets of mothers and fathers together, two moms on their own, a very nervous single dad, and a mom who is distantly related. One didn’t show up and one that I just text. It was the first night of parent teacher conferences.
I like parent conferences. I like telling the families good things about their kids. I like seeing the pride on their faces when I tell them how well their child is doing, or a funny story about what they did in class today. Even when the child may be a bit “trying” I always find as many positives as I can, and end with a cute story or positive note.
I miss having parent conferences for my own children. I miss hearing the great things they have done, or the funny stories about their classroom antics. I miss hearing how well they are doing, or what great readers and students they are. I miss signing the report card, and telling them how proud of them I am.
I like parent teacher conferences. I miss them too.
I wonder if Hadley’s college advisor would let me visit her, so she can tell me how great she is, or if Kanten’s boss would mind if I showed up at his office, to tell me a funny story.
Nah I already know!    



  1. Aw, what sweet memories. And you are right when you say you already know what you'll hear! That is the best part, but it's nice to hear it from others -- just as you do such a great job sharing sharing with your little ones families!

  2. Your experience as a parent surely helps you empathize with the families of your students. It is clear you honor their children by noticing, by celebrating, by nudging.

    They are lucky to have you looking out for their children. I imagine each conference as a mini huddle, each time a new team joined together to support a new student.

  3. Tammy, you make the conferences sound like the parents too love having them. It's such a wonderful thing, to have parents enjoying school too, then you will have the best support & the kids will be happy too. I know what you mean about those 'other' conferences. I love it when I'm with my grown kids & someone tells me how wonderful they are, & then, like you, I already know it, too. What a good story-teller you are!

    1. Thank you Linda! And Linda I have not been able to visit your blog lately every time a do a malware warning pops up...I miss you:)

  4. Aww that is so sweet! This year, I just don't seem to have the same connection to my parentsas I have had the last couple of years. Since I have been teaching at the same school 15 years, I get lots of brothers and sisters, this year, I got a lot of "new" students that have younger siblings. I guess I'm starting with a new crop of parents.

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. hey tammy - can you email real quick??