Currently Thankful

Already time for Farley's Currently! I know right how can it be? But really it is so here goes! You should link up too!

Since this is Saturday my thankfulness is blog related instead of classroom, but in a way they are connected, because I believe I am a better teacher today because of this blog and all the wonderful teachers it has connected me too.
As I mentioned before the first blog I ever followed was the Two Writing Teachers. They opened me up to a whole new world. I soon discovered other wonderful blogs such as The First Grade Parade and Teaching Blog Addict. They like Stacey and Ruth opened my eyes to a whole new world.
But it’s the commenting that has really shown me what great connections and friendships can be made in this blogging land. Linda at Teacher Dance has given me so much through her words of wisdom, compassion, and the inspirational way she writes, teaches and touches lives. Even though we’re hundreds of miles apart and only connected through the wonder of the World Wide Web she is truly a friend for life. I hope to be the teacher/writer she is one day.
Tammy at Forever in First is another great inspiration to me. She has shared my blog, and hers. She always has encouraging comments and inspiring posts. We connected at first because of our names, but the connection I believe is much deeper, and I can’t help but feel we’d be great friends if we were in the same state or school. I wonder how she feels about moving.
Kristin from a TeenyTiny Teacher is another blogger I have been so very thankful for. She graciously became a follower after I literally BEGGED her to become one of my bestest buddies (it’s going to take a whole separate post to how thankful I am for that lady!) followers. Kristin is a fellow Okie at heart and good naturally puts up with all the teasing I give her. Her posts are fun and lighthearted. She is a joy to read and makes me happy every time she comments.
There are so MANY bloggers out there that have been so kind and encouraging to me. It would literally take days to name all of you. I just want you to know that if you are reading this I am thankful. If I am reading you- I am thankful. You have all made me a better teacher and blogger. So currently. I am Thankful for YOU!



  1. I agree with you.. I should be dusting instead of blogging as well... haha!

  2. I totally agree with you, blogging has made me a much better teacher! If I download a freebie or buy something from TPT, I can send a message if I need help implementing it in my classroom. If I buy something from Lakeshore and it's not working for me, it sits in the closet and gathers dust. lol

    Have a great Saturday!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. Hi Tammy!

    Eat, Pray, Love is on my list of movies to watch but since I am a nerd and insist on reading the book first, I haven't gotten to it yet.

    Ah, The Band Perry! Did you see their performance at the CMAs? I didn't know they had a new song out and I LOVED it! (I just went to Youtube and looked it up) lol Can't wait for their new album!

    Have a fabulous weekend! :)

    The Teacher Diaries

    1. I loved it too! Will def. be downloading it!

  4. Dear Tammy, I spent yesterday cleaning out, cleaning out, so missed reading everyone's posts. Just had to stay away from the computer! I love your "thinking" above that said you should be dusting instead of blogging. Me, too! But, had to spend some early morning time to catch up with all my friends online & there were your wonderful words. Thank you. I count you as a good friend too, & hope some day we'll really get to meet! Happy extra-hour-in-the-day-Sunday!

    1. Happy extra hour to you as well! It is my summer goal for us to meet!!
      Have a great week.

    2. Awwwwww!!!!!! I came over to check in and I got a shout out!!!!! You are too sweet!!!!! :)
      So glad your daughter is home safe!
      I loved that movie, by the way, but just wanted her to stay in Italy the whole time. :)
      Thank you!!!!!!!

    3. So glad you came by Kristin! You know I love ya!

  5. Tammy-

    I'm sorry that I just made it over here to view your thankful posts. They look great! (Great layout on this post too!)

    My best,