Happy Unthanksgiving!

I hope all my bloggy friends had a wonderful family, fun, and food filled Thanksgiving. I had a not so fun filled day in bed with the flu that started about 1 in the morning and lasted alllllll day. My poor family had to eat cheese burgers and fries for their Thanksgiving feast. But I am feeling much better today and plan on making it all up to them tomorrow. We will have Bedlam Thanksgiving! Go Pokes!

While in bed, in between sleep and aches (and bathroom trips) I kept thinking how glad I was I did not have to make sub plans. Which made me realize that if I had, there would have been no way I could have, and the poor sub would have had to “wing it” from my regular plans. So I have decided to make a “Sub Stash” to have on hand just in case something like this hits on a school day. UGH. I will share when it all comes to fruition.
My friend Delighted and her hubby were supposed to come for Thanksgiving dinner as well yesterday, and now I will miss out on their company tomorrow because they will be out of town. It won’t be the same without them…but there is always Christmas and leftovers for our lunch next week.
Have you seen the cute Gingerbread and Reindeer units at For the Love of First Grade? I found her cute blog through my buddy Miss Delighted. You should check them out as well. I want them both!!

TpT is having a Cyber-Monday Sale and everything is 10% off I have decided to put my few things on sale as well for 20% off starting Sunday the 25th. Maybe I’ll have that whole sub stash bag done by then…right after my nap. 



  1. I would love to see your sub stash when you get it. I ended up in the hospital with no good plans, luckily my coworkers came to my rescue, I want to have something ready in case it ever happens again.

    Hope you are feeling better. Enjoy your belated thanksgiving, just think leftovers for longer.


  2. So sorry to hear of the flu coming your way, Tammy. Happiest of the rest of the weekend!