Tally Turkey Freebie and The Queen Bee

While I am watching the Pokes go after West Virginia I decided to whip up (I really shouldn't say whip up it is more like labor and delivery for me) a turkey activity for my kiddos this week. We only have this week and then we are off the whole week of Thanksgiving, which is a little ridiculous to me. I’d rather go Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving and have a couple of extra days off at Christmas. Or in May. But they forgot to ask me. Again.

They should have asked me because this week I was called the “queen bee” at school, so they should have asked. But Whatever.

My teacher buddies said she (the lady who said it) meant it as “Queen B” not “Queen Bee.” But I think they are WRONG! I am SURE she meant as the cute little thing with wings. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. AND I was also called the “Mother Theresa” by another person at school this week. I am on a roll I believe.

Here is a (ohp GO POKES! 28-14) sneak peek of my Turkey Tally pages. You can get it at my TpTstore here for free until Thanksgiving as my “Happy Turkey Day” wish to you. Enjoy!

I am working on a quick little family involvement project for this week too. I usually do the whole turkey in (ohp fumble-recovery for OSU-field goal eek 31-14 sorry WV fans) disguise thing, but again there isn’t enough time. So I’m trying to whip up a little project for Monday. I’ll share if I’m successful.

Well I’m back to the Pokes. Did I mention I don’t even really like football? I just watch in case I see my kids on the big screen. I never do. Maybe this time. I am the Queen/Mother Theresa Bee ya know!    



  1. THANK YOU! Definitely something to GOBBLE about!

  2. I HAD to commment....
    Love the cute turkey stuff...and take it as a complement being called the Queen Bee, way better than the Queen B...(wink wink)

  3. Hi! I am your newest follower. Love this probability lesson! So fun and so filled with great reinforcement. LOVE the math word problem at the end.
    Thank you! Hope you have a great week off!