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Thankful Thoughts Linky Storybook Cafe 2012

I just finished reading Stacey’s post on the Two Writing Teacher’s blog. Stacey and Ruth are the really great reading and writing coaches
that started me on this whole blogging journey a few years ago. 
In my eyes they are the rock stars of teaching, writing, and blogging.

Today Stacy wrote about this being November and how much she is thankful for since she and her family and friends just lived through the terrifying storm of Sandy. “Thankfully” she, her hubby, and baby made it through safely. She’s challenged us to be more aware this month and blog or write about what we are thankful and grateful for in a positive light-i.e. “I am grateful for these beautiful warm days in the fall.” Not-“I am grateful there’s not a foot of snow on the ground.” Same thought different spin.
Like me, many of you are probably already doing this on Facebook. For instance this morning I wrote “Today is November 1, 2012 and I am so thankful for the amazing adults my kids have grown to be.” And I am. But I think for my blog I will be taking this a step further.
Since this is my “teaching blog” I am going to host a Linky Journey for what we’re thankful for in our schools, classrooms, fellow teachers and students in the month of November. I hope you all decide to come along. The posts don’t need be long, or every day- just a quick thankful note or grateful thought will do. I knooowww some days might be stretch, but I think if we try we can all come up with more than a few things we are grateful for, and blessed with.
I will also be extending this great idea into my classroom. I am going to have my kiddos write something they are thankful for each day in their journals. I will share a few of those too!
November 1, 2012- I am thankful for the smallness of our school. I am grateful that when I have a child that is not feeling well I can text mom (and not have to bother the office ladies) and ask her to bring up some medicine for her sick kiddo. This saves the office time, me time, and keeps my kiddo in class. This is just one small reason I am grateful for the smallness of our school.
Link up this month with your “Thankful Thoughts.” I will grateful you shared.  


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  1. I'm not sure I can do this every day, Tammy, but will try to do some of the days of the week. How great that you set this up, & I especially like that you'll be doing it with your students. I bet they will love it once they get into the swing of it. Thank you today!