Veteran's Day and An Author Celebration

Today was a busy day in first grade. We began by learning about Veterans Day and all the ways we should be thankful for their service. I used Deanna Jump's awesome Veteran’s Day unit I had bought last year. We made the little reader and talked about the different branches of the service, and what veterans are and do. We then made the really cute veterans from construction paper. Of course I forgot to take pictures. Sorry. But you can see Deanna’s version here.

Toady was also our Author Celebration Day. My kiddos worked really hard to make covers and title pages for their books. Then after much anticipation it was finally time to SHARE! They were so good and such sweet stories. We have just completed our memoir and small moment unit of study. I was pleased that so many of them grasped the idea so well.  Here is a snapshot of one sweetie sharing her story.

One of my kiddos even shared that his book was a 2.6 reading level and the AR test number was 181166. Cracked me up! 
It also got me to thinkingI told him if he could make up 5 questions to go with his story I would make a test to go with it and put it on our AR list. Whoa did that start a fire. Before I knew it I had five kids asking for paper so they could make an AR test too.
Looks like we will have a new category of tests to take soon! And how exciting! Not only are they writing more they are reading, rereading thinking about their reading AND they are thinking about their writing. Something new to like about AR but more important something more to LOVE about writer’s workshop, as Stephen Covey would say it’s a win- win situation!
 Just before we went home we all celebrated with popcorn and orange drink and a congratulatory “cheers” toward each other.
Today I am thankful for the men and women that have put their lives on the line (like my nephew and niece in law) past and present, for our freedom. If you know a service man or woman please tell them thank you from the Storybook café.      


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  1. Sounds like a very nice day, Tammy. I'm glad you had something for Veteran's Day, & the celebration for finishing the books ended with such motivation for creating the questions. You are making the testing fun, a good thing! Have a terrific weekend.