Currently, Buggy, and a Carousel!

Time once again for Farley’s Currently and I currently have a few moments before everyone wakes up and complains of hunger so I’m going to take advantage of the quiet and write.
This weekend I spent a few days in the big city of Tulsa Christmas shopping with my hubby. We had a good time and spent way too much money. 
It doesn’t matter how old your kids get you still try to get them everything on their lists to make their Christmas morning special.
We have 13 days left in school so I’m trying to get everything in order and ready so I can squeeze in as much as possible. 
Plus I have my annual cookie exchange here at home, the school Christmas party, the Fire department party (gotta cook pork loins for that one), Hubby’s work party, and my annual Christmas Eve bash, The holly bloggy Christmas exchange and blog post, the RACK’s I have planned, buy gifts, wrap gifts, and I still have no decorations or my tree up. 
Whew, I really need to get off this computer.

Buggy for 2nd Grade
Have you seen my friend Kelly’s newest post at Buggy for Second Grade? She has a new TpT store up and would love for you to visit. She has a really great number unit and some freebies offered there.

Also have you found The First Grade Carousel?  She has a fun activity exchange she is hosting and is looking for participants. I’m joining in and you should too. Jump on the Carousel and check it out. 

I'm off to clean and decorate....and watch Christmas movies! It's MY favorite!!!



  1. I found you through Farley's linky. Elf is so funny! I'm going to have to watch it again. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to get into the Christmas spirit with 78 degree weather. I just hope it stops raining here :) I'm following your blog now.
    Stories by Storie

  2. Thanks for sharing your Currently. I found you through Farley's link. Congrats on almost finishing your Christmas shopping, I've planned the same so that I don't have to get out and fight the crowds.

  3. Hi Tammy, WHEW! You sound busy! Thanks for stopping by, and for being my newest follower.

    The Learning Metamorphosis

  4. Oh my word!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Elf!!!
    And hooray for shopping in Tulsa!!!!
    You are one busy lady -- I don't know how you do it!!!
    Tis the season, right??? :)
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Watching/Listening to Elf right now! :) Maybe the 8th time this year already? LOOOOOVVVEEE!
    Your newest follower - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  6. Thanks for the shout out!! You are too sweet!