Debbie Miller on My Doorstep!

WOOO HOO! Merry Early Christmas to ME! Look what the UPS man just brought! It’s the brand new second edition of Reading with Meaning Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades- by Debbie Miller.

I am so excited I can hardly wait to dig in and “dig deeper” with Debbie. Her first two books are like my bibles and my go to books in the summer or anytime for a refreshing or stimulating myself and my teaching. I love me some Debbie.
Did I ever tell you I was once sitting right BEHIND her while we both listened to Georgia Heard speak? I was there hundreds of miles from my home to see HER and there she was sitting Right. In. Front. Of. ME. (Georgia Heard and Katie Wood Ray were added bonuses that summer). It was the best summer PD EVER!
So here I am home from some incredibly dull PD from our state department this afternoon about that good ol obscure Common Core and as soon as I get home Yippeee the UPS man shows up with this. A great ending to fun with friends but boring PD day! Merry Early Christmas to ME I’m off to READ!
      “It doesn't get any better than this.”         



  1. Oh, thanks for sharing! I can't wait to order mine.

  2. Ahhh sweet! I love my Debbie books too. You'll have to let us know how different it is from the first edition. (You sat behind THE Debbie Miller?)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. I love Debbie too. When I got to meet her two summers ago, after reading her books many years before, I was the first one in line to have her sign my copy of "Reading with Meaning." I'm so excited to get the updated version --- glad to know it is now available. Merry Christmas to you and to me too! Go Amazon :).

  4. You'll have to share after you read this edition. I just saw that it came out and I'm not sure I should buy another book! LOL!

  5. Very fun for you, early Christmas, Tammy? I just feel the same way because I just got Book Love by Penny Kittle. I am so busy with my move, but can't wait, like you, to dig in! (You should send this post to Debbie Miller!)

    1. WOW I would love to Linda but I have no idea how or where...any suggestions? lol

  6. I know that feeling! Bless those UPS delivery people for bringing me so many treats! Happy reading!

  7. Your blog is adorable! I am your newest follower!

    Teaching With Moxie

  8. Hi Tammy,

    Now I want a copy of that book, too. I'm putting it on my Christmas list. I love Debbie Diller's books. Thanks for sharing.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  9. I love Debbie too, but I didn't realize she had a new edition out. Looks like I'll need to be placing an order for that book. Thanks for sharing! I am one of your newest followers! Yea me!