Our little corner of the world has been Elf-iltrated! They are everywhere! One has invaded our classroom and has been a little "defil." He has written on my whiteboard, rearranged our ornaments on our tree AND got into our bubblegum jar, spilled our gum and chewed some!

He is quite the little stinker. But he has reminded us how nice it is to give without asking for anything in return, and taking the time to tell those around us thank you.
Today first grade took some time to do just that. We wrote thank you letters to the special people in our school, and then the sneaky little first graders- turned elfy, secretly (as secretly as first graders can be) delivered the fruits of their labor and a candy cane to each person.

They had the best time. A few of the staff found me and told me how much they enjoyed getting their notes and treats. That made it even more enjoyable.  
It looks like the Christmas spirit has hit here in the country.
Next week is reindeer week I wonder what ideas the sweet little “deers” can come up with to make someone’s week! 



  1. how do you make the elf hats?? I would love to make them with my class!

  2. I really need to get myself a little elf for my shelf too! We've been doing random acts of Christmas kindness. It's nice to hear from the adults in the building that our holiday spirit is making a difference, huh?
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First