GREAT find at Wal-Mart in the Pickle Aisle

I just found the best App... (lol there is a voice behind me reading over my shoulder “ who found it???) Ok, ok hubby dear just found the best app for my phone. It is a bar code scanner for AR books!
You all know my love hate relationship with AR and how it is such a BIG DEAL at our school, right? Well one of the reasons I HATE it is because I buy books that I LIKE or think the kiddos will like (I know! Huge Gasp here! How dare I right?) 
I never check to see if they are AR or not I just buy them. Then of course here comes the reading challenge and I have all these great new books and I don’t know if they are AR or not (don’t really care either), but the kiddos want to take tests on themso I have to “look them up” what a pain. Usually I con my bestests teacher buddy into doing it for me.but you know, she has her own to look up, I don’t want to take advantageall the time.
Anyway! Back to my hubby’s great findwe were strolling through Wal-Mart this morning (I know, ick but I HAD to have groceries) and as we pass the book section I am looking at all the great kids’ books and I said “I wish they had an app to scan books and see if it is an AR book or not, you should invent one for me.”
Hubby says “huh.”
We walk on, without any new books in my basket.
About half way through the store, in the middle of the pickle aisle hubby dear hands me his phone. On it is an app called AR BookScanner!!!!!! WOW-O_WOWIE! It scans the barcode on a book and tells you if it’s AR, test number, the level, and how many points!!!!  It’s $1.99 but oh is it going to be SO worth it! 
I really love that man!
This app is going to make my life soooooo much easier. .. I can see it now-“Mrs. Klinger is this book AR?” “Well I don’t know sweet pea let me see it.” Scan barcode with phone “Why yes it is, here is the book number, level, and how many points it is worth!!!” LOVE IT!
So I not only got my hubby to go with me to the store this morning, I got all my groceries, Sonic for brunch, beautiful weather, and a really great time saving app for my phone!  I think it’s going to be a great day! 
I hope yours is too!  



  1. That is so cool! Does your school use the online
    AR program? We just started doing that this year. It's so much better to have a better variety of books to choose from.


    1. Yes we have the online program and I noticed that there is also an app like that as well. We are a BIG AR school.LOl

  2. Ooh! That IS awesome! I, like you, am not a fan of AR.....but it is 'encouraged' at our school (read that as 'expected'). I am checking this app out ASAP!

    Primary Inspired

  3. Happy for you, but I don't have to do the AR, so am happy for me, too, Tammy. Those codes are getting more important though. I have a bar code scanner on my phone.

  4. I wish we did have AR but our school will not allow us to have it so I use Book Adventure. It is a website from Sylvan Learning Center where teachers create quizzes for books and then students can take tests and earn prizes. The prizes are not that great but my students love to take the tests and earn points for our Home Reading Program. I wish they had an App like that for their books. Glad you had a great day.
    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

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