New Friends, New Posts, New Year!

It’s a brand new year and I have a brand new friend here in blogging land. Learning is Rosey With Mrs. Josey, she is a gal from down under. I had the honor of being her very first follower! She has a brand new adorable blog and already offering really great products at a TpT store. She has a great idea for bringing science into the classroom by taking the kids OUT!
If only we had her balmy January weather here in the states, but I know it’ll be handy come this spring.
You should check out her store and her blog right away so you can have a brand new friend tooJ
Like many of you it’s back to school for me on Monday, but unlike most of you I have done NOTHING “schoolish” over the break. 
Both brothers and their families were here for Christmas which was Wonderful. And then the weekend after Christmas Hadley and I drove up to KC and spent the weekend with Grandma Linda (Hubby’s mom). We had a really fun time-just us girls.
Now it’s almost over, almost time for Hadley to go back to school, and almost time for me to get back into teacher mode. I hope I can pull myself from bed before 8am!
I have been rolling an idea around in my head thoughMy OLW this year is Believe (you may have read that slice). 
I have been trying to come up with a weekly post that I can actually stick withand a day I will be able to stick toso I have come up with I Believe Sunday’s (fitting right?)  
I love Tammy at Forever in First’s, Saturday’s Sayings, and the Two WritingTeacher’s SOL weekly challenge was my first blogging experience. They are there every week for me to count on and I always look forward to them.
So I Believe I’ll give a weekly post a go and make it my goal for 201352 things I Believe, in and out of the classroom. Number 1 coming up tomorrow-January 6th.  
Stop by if you’re out and about blogging around, and don’t forget to visit RoseyJosey you’ll be glad you did! 
I'm leaving you with a picture of my baby and me, it was taken at a wedding in November. Isn't she pretty? She is now contemplating changing her major to education...upper elementary, no little ones for she says...anybody have any advice for my girl? 



  1. You and your daughter could pass for sisters! It's a great picture! I love your idea of I Believe Sunday. I look forward to reading it each week.

    I'll go check out Rosey Josey.

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. Hi Tammy, Thanks for the shout out! I have made some lovely new friends thanks to you!

    Learning is Rosey with Mrs Josey

  3. Great photo of you & your lovely daughter, Tammy. I'm trying to figure out a weekly OLW post too. Your idea sounds good to me. Best wishes on it.

  4. I Believe Sundays sounds like something I'd definitely have to read on a weekly basis!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First