You Know it's First Day Back When....

You know it’s the first day after Christmas break…

-When all the teachers are standing in line in the bathrooms at the 10:00 recess, 12:00 lunch, 1:35 recess, and after school. No more potty breaks on your own time
-When you hurry and box the Christmas tree up and store it away before the first bell rings
-When you actually use the computer lab on your day…even though most of the computers don’t work
-When you get to school early to scroll through TpT for things to do
-When you forget to take attendance until lunch
-When both your diet Pepsi’s are gone before lunch.
-And when all the teachers pull out of the parking lot at the same time!
Hope if it was your first day back it was a good one, and remember tomorrow will be one day closer to SPRING BREAK! 



  1. Hilarious and so very true! Especially with the line up for the restroom!
    Smiles - Lisa

  2. Too funny! Thanks for a good laugh because it's so true!

  3. What a great post! And so true... although I didn't have my assistant today so I wouldn't know about the bathroom because I don't think I ever made it to one :)

    It wasn't even our first day back and most of that list still applies! Those two days at the end of last week didn't count in my mind :)

    A Dot Does a Lot

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