It Snowed Today

I am linking up with Ruth and Stacey the Two Writing Teachers weekly slice of life writing challenge. I am so excited because we are just a few short weeks away from the 6th annual Month Long Challenge. I can hardly wait to slice every day! You should check it out it's a great writing experience. They have a place for your students to slice if you choose, and PRIZES!!! 

It snowed today.
You just never know
if it will snow in Oklahoma in the winter months. Sometimes there is an abundance
sometimes we are left wanting.
For the past two years it has been the latter.
The drought we have been under has been hard on us. Snow and rain have eluded us,
so close at times
but most often just out our grasp.
Today there was a chance of snow.
A chance.
At the ten AM recess I had duty.
It was attempting to look like snow, but we went out anyway.
The thought of inside recess was much worse.
At noon it was my turn for duty again.
The flakes were bigger, but still being inside was worse.
The kids were thrilled and ran quickly to the yard- tongues and heads raised to the heavens
trying to catch the fun
sweetly on their tongues and lashes.
After school pick-up duty was wetter.
Heavy flakes that hinted more of rain.
Hurry parents and take your babes home to play.
I hurry home too.
Time to vote and then supper in town.
The flakes have grown, and quickly coming down.
“this is the kind of snow your momma likes” her dad relates.
I smile thinking it’s funny he knows this. But it is.
Home again. Dogs let loose.
Snowballs fly past her dad’s ear. And she squeals because she got him first.
Dogs race chasing the balls that disappear.
Father and daughter stand on the same side now.
Me drinking them in.
It snowed today. 


Currently February

It's February and I'm linking up with Farley once again for the monthly Currently! It is getting bigger and bigger! How fun is that?

I got some really great items at the TpT super sale today. I’ll share when I use them in class.
This week is a fuuuulllll week FIVE whole days. We’ve had only four day weeks for the last two weeks. I’m not sure I can make it. Oh but wait it’s just this week then we have a four day week, a four day weekend, and a four day week….I can do that!
I am trying to come up with a cutesy Valentine craft for my kiddos to make this year to hold their Valentines in. I’ve seen some cute ones on Pinterest but nothing has really grabbed me yet. I want cute and simple. 
Valentine's Day is NOT my favorite holiday. To me it is just a big ol waste of money, for no reason. Really. My hubby tells me he loves me all year. But this year I vowed to make it special for all my loved ones and my kiddos at school.
My bestest buddy and I have decided to make it an all-day affair…more or less. We are going to let the kiddos wear their jammies to school and have an all-day reading day, with a little cookie decorating thrown in, and of course our card exchange.
Should be fun.


Mini Lessons and Saturday Sayings

I’m so excited to be joining Tammy at Forever in First for her famous Saturday Sayings. If you don’t know Tammy you really need to stop by and visit her blog she is such a great teacher and inspiration.
My saying this week comes for my favorite teacher/author Debbie Miller’s second edition of Reading with Meaning.
Bringing children back together, briefly addressing what they need to do or think about to move forward, then sending them back to work, breathes energy, life, and a renewed sense of purpose into the workshop.”
Debbie’s words seemed to hit home with me this week. I have been doing a lot of thinking about mini lessons lately. I like mini lessons, and of course use them daily. But lately I’ve been wondering if I’m really doing them justice, or more importantly are they doing the kids justice.
For instance for writer’s workshop we always start with a mini lesson, have a shoulder share quickie, then they are sent off to “have a go.” After about ten or fifteen minutes I find myself reminding, redirecting, and rethinking my lesson, finally after about  thirty minutes we come back together, share a few items or ideas, and move on to math. And leaving me wondering if they’ve really grasped what they’ve needed to, and making a mental note to “hit” on it the next day.  
Sounds about right, right? Well this week as we we’ve been working on writing informational texts I decided to change it up a bit. I did a mini lesson on a table of contents and “what is” pages, had the kids shoulder share ideas and thoughts, listened in, jotted down a few notes, and sent them off to have a go. This time though when I heard the waning of interest and direction I decided to pull the kiddos back into a group. I did another short, quick, mini lesson adding in a few observations I had seen and then once again then sent them off to “have a go.”
Success! They worked longer and stayed on task! I like the idea of “multiple mini lessons” and believe I will make more use of them more often. Instead of addressing things at share time, or waiting until the next day to bring it up I take the few minutes while the important work is fresh in our minds and we all “have a go” at learning!
Don’t forget to visit Tammy and her Saturday Sayings you will be glad you did!