It Snowed Today

I am linking up with Ruth and Stacey the Two Writing Teachers weekly slice of life writing challenge. I am so excited because we are just a few short weeks away from the 6th annual Month Long Challenge. I can hardly wait to slice every day! You should check it out it's a great writing experience. They have a place for your students to slice if you choose, and PRIZES!!! 

It snowed today.
You just never know
if it will snow in Oklahoma in the winter months. Sometimes there is an abundance
sometimes we are left wanting.
For the past two years it has been the latter.
The drought we have been under has been hard on us. Snow and rain have eluded us,
so close at times
but most often just out our grasp.
Today there was a chance of snow.
A chance.
At the ten AM recess I had duty.
It was attempting to look like snow, but we went out anyway.
The thought of inside recess was much worse.
At noon it was my turn for duty again.
The flakes were bigger, but still being inside was worse.
The kids were thrilled and ran quickly to the yard- tongues and heads raised to the heavens
trying to catch the fun
sweetly on their tongues and lashes.
After school pick-up duty was wetter.
Heavy flakes that hinted more of rain.
Hurry parents and take your babes home to play.
I hurry home too.
Time to vote and then supper in town.
The flakes have grown, and quickly coming down.
“this is the kind of snow your momma likes” her dad relates.
I smile thinking it’s funny he knows this. But it is.
Home again. Dogs let loose.
Snowballs fly past her dad’s ear. And she squeals because she got him first.
Dogs race chasing the balls that disappear.
Father and daughter stand on the same side now.
Me drinking them in.
It snowed today. 



  1. Love every single bit, Tammy, "trying to catch the fun". We have similar weather I guess, just little bits this year. It is supposed to snow Friday, but we'll see! Glad you had a bit, and it sounds like a nice day. Sweet moments!

  2. What beautiful writing! It is snowing here today...again! We had our fourth Snow Day. I'm actually tired of Snow Days! I'll have to write prose about how the sun came out!
    Owl Things First