A Letter on Behalf of Oklahoma Teachers SOL 22/31

Dear Mother Nature,

I am writing this on behalf of myself and all teachers in Oklahoma. It is not my intention to complain about your work, but lately those of us here in Oklahoma have had a few items of contention we’d like to discuss with you.

First of all did you not receive the memo that this week is the first week of spring and spring break for many in Oklahoma? Teachers and parents alike were in great hopes of spring weather for us and the children who want to play outside. Old man winter is tired. He is old. He would like to have time to rest up before December when is supposed to make his appearance. Once more the snow and cold wind is in itself becoming a point of disharmony.

Next is the ugliness of it all. The trees and yards are begging to be set free. They have had their rest and they, like the sun are ready to show what they are made of and let their true colors shine. Your icy hands of control need a bit of loosening and warming up. We are ready for the much needed change and enhancement to our work area as well as our home life. We believe it will give us the boost we need in morale and spirits for our return to school on Monday.

Finally we would just like to ask that this drought be ended. We understand that there are other areas of the country that are above their quota in rainfall and just feel that if you could share the rewards of a much needed rain you would see a spike in production in all of your employees including the flowers and trees.  One idea is to have the rain come in for the night shift soak the area liberally and then the sun will be able to do his job to his best ability during the day shift.

In closing we would just like to say we appreciate all you have done for us here in Oklahoma and believe you are an important part of our corporation. But if you could please lighten your load by allocating job responsibilities we believe this would be a much more cohesive establishment and the teachers of Oklahoma would thank you.


The Oklahoma Teachers     

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  1. Great letter. Have been wanting to write a letter to mother nature on behalf of upstate New Yorkers as well. Tired, tired, tired of this winter. You captured this well.

  2. Ha! Great letter! I thought it may be a different kind of letter, but this was a surprise! And that letter, I think, can be written from many states! C'mon spring! It's your turn!