A Slice of History SOL 19/31

Two days into spring break and two days below 60 degrees, and it’s going down from here. We didn’t have plans for the break other than my kiddo having her wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday. 
After a morning of doldrums yesterday Hadley asked if I’d like to help with her geography homework that is due soon after the break.
“Sure” I said, “nothing else to do.” “What do I need to do?”
“Take my picture” she replied.
Well of course I am always up for that.
She explained we needed to drive around and find different areas of “geographic cultures” and she had to be in each picture.
We've had a good time traveling around our area looking for specific areas. We are lucky in that our area is rich in Native American, oil boom, wild-west, and rodeo heritage. But what was really fun was the stories the areas conjured up from her childhood and mine.  
I’ll leave you today with a few  ok many photos of our travels, and hint that in the next few days I’ll have some slices of history (hers and mine) to go with them. 

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  1. First of all, I love your blog page... is that what it is called? So inviting, so colorful, so lovely! It is the best I've seen! Second, I'm looking forward to future slices about your history. Love the pics. Funny how a homework assignment took you down memory lane with a little bonding mixed in there. Cool post.

  2. Love the photos.... really perked my interest. I've never been in that region. I need the guided tour.

  3. Terrific to do with your daughter, Tammy, & the pics are interesting, & especially with Hadley in them. I'll look forward to the history lesson!