Accountability SOL 8/31

People amaze me sometimes. The things they teach their children through words and actions are really unbelievable.
In a world that seems to be growing with adults that are lacking in responsibility and accountability I wish they could see how the affects transcend to their children.
When an adult believes themselves above the laws and rules, how can they be surprised when their child chooses not to follow them?
When a parent speaks poorly of another, how can they not believe it when their children do the same?
When moms or dads aren't respectful to others, why do they disbelieve that is what their sons and daughters have been found to do?
I wish people could understand that a child’s most important education comes from home, and although your child might be the most amazing thing in the world, they are rarely completely without fault.
The words a parent speaks of others today may be the words a child speaks of their parents one day. 


  1. Teachers are among those to whom these truths are most evident. I share your concern about so many of today's children and wonder... I wonder why so many parents are woefully lacking in parenting skills. Like you, I have more questions than answers. The one thing I do believe is Ruby Payne's discussion about how education is their ticket out of those lives, those choices. If that is true, maybe we are the only ones standing between these students who are living in dire straits and disaster--for themselves and for society. In that case, we need to empower ourselves by believing that we can make a difference... we must!

  2. I totally agree with you and have these same concerns. I think that society as a whole has helped to create this situation - there is no respect or accountability. I am thankful that we have teachers like you who are trying to turn this around.

  3. I cringe a little. I agree that it's what we do, not what we say that teaches most. Unfortunately, even teachers sometimes do things that they do no want their students to emulate. Even teachers can be sarcastic, can gossip loudly enough with their colleagues for children to hear, can get a laugh at a student's expense. Can unwittingly (I hope) send a message to a student that he or she is not up to a task that another student can do easily. And teachers, too, can send a message of judgment to a parent who is only trying to do his or her best. We all need to live our lives as if someone is watching - because someone is watching... and learning.

    1. I completely agree and to me proves even more how important parental influence is.

  4. Those are some powerful and very truthful words.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  5. This is such a productive way to communicate what is surely a situation that prompted reflection (and frustration...disgust even?). It is tough to always remember to live the way we intend to live, but with children around it should become a lot easier to remember!

  6. Since you teach the little ones, Tammy, what you say makes me even more alarmed. I think teens in the past have been challenging too, & often they go too far, but the little ones being this way. Sorry to hear it happen.