Books SOL 16/31

There is just something about a “real” book. I like my Nook and the iPad is cool but really when I read I want a book.
I want a cover and spine pages to turn and someplace to place a book mark or dog ear a corner. I like the smell of a new book and the feel of it in my hands.
I like taking it into the tub with me or out in the hammock.
I want to feel the brittle or soft pages (depending on its age) between my fingers as I flip through them, and use it to fan my face if it is hot.
I want someplace to jot a note if there is something I want to remember and words to highlight that touch my soul.
I like the way a stack of books look sitting next to my bed or on my nightstand. I like having them line my bookshelf. I want to be able to run my hand along their spine until I find what I am looking for, and keep them forever because something in them has touched me.
And when I glance their way, or pass them in the hallway a smile flits across my face at the memory of what they gave me in their words.  
I love books. I love what they bring to my life, and what they make me think and feel.

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  1. I love a good book too! I cannot give away my books, so have problems with shelf space. I must admit my fav books I have also downloaded onto my ipad to take with me everywhere.

  2. 1. I love real books too, especially paperbacks.
    2. I love your blog header with all the cute fairy tale characters.
    3. I love Sheldon. I have a shirt that says Bazinga. Only cool people "get it" when I wear it :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying slicing and reading other slices so much.

  3. You really captured the love of a "real" book!

  4. I also love real books, but also the convenience of having many books on my Kindle for easy travelling.

  5. I wonder why it was so easy for me to give up on reading real books but it was. I do all my reading on my iPad. But I so respect those who love their books. Really, enjoy your reading pleasure with something living..

  6. You said it! I'm still in love with real books too!

  7. I feel the same way--I bought a Kindle a couple months back but rarely use it! I love the real thing much more!