Dog Attack SOL 25/31

See this sweet little old fella? His name is Kodi. He is my baby. He is 14 years old. He can’t hear. He barely has any teeth. He loves his tummy scratched and he loves his momma. 
Last night he was attacked by five pit bulls. My husband put him out to go potty and in the next moment I heard Donnie hollering to get him his gun. They had come into the yard and attacked poor Kodi.
Kodi was lying on the porch in a pool of blood. Donnie was trying to dissuade the five dogs with a garden hose, and the dogs were barking and snarling- now at him. It was a frightening sight. The neighbor boy that owns the dogs was trying his best to round them up, but I could tell he was frightened. Whether he was more scared of the dogs or Donnie I don’t know.
I finally got the gun to Donnie. He didn’t fire at the dogs but shot a round into the ground. The dogs and boy ran home. I have never seen my husband so mad and upset. I shudder to think what he would have done had it been me or the kids in the wake of these dogs.
The boy’s dad showed up and my husband unleashed on him. I’m not sure which sounded more sinister the dog attack or my husbands.
The neighbor was contrite as he listened to the bashing of his animals, I almost felt sorry for him. I warned him to stay back with a look and hand jester as I gathered Donnie to take Kodi to a vet.  
We tenderly set him in my car and Donnie rode beside him. A six foot three 200+ man curled up beside our ball of fur and in the hatchback of my Sequoia.
We tried every vet. We drove and called every emergency number. Not a single answer or returned phone call. The craziness of a small town.
Finally a vet in a neighboring town answered and met us at his shop. He was easy and caring with our Kodi, and very interested in what kind of dog he is (we have no idea he’s just our Kodi).
He found that Kodi had a gash on his front shoulder that had hit a main artery. He had punctures on his nose, and back legs, and he was bruised and sore from being mauled. He had lost a lot of blood.
Today Donnie called to check on Kodi. He was up and moving around. He gets to come home tomorrow and for a treat he is getting a haircut before he does.
I am so glad he is ok. He greets me every morning and every day when I come home, and I miss him. I’ll be so happy when we bring him home tomorrow. 

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  1. How terrifying! I'm glad Kodi will be okay.

  2. Wow Tammy I am SO sorry to hear about poor Kodi's run in with these dogs! I'm SO glad he is doing better and will be home with his mom and dad tomorrow. Hugs to you all!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  3. I'm so sorry Tammy. I'm glad that he's okay. Why would someone need five pit bulls anyway?

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Oh Tammy, how awful that it could happen. I'm so glad he's going to be okay, but amazed he survived five dogs! I assume you don't have a law against pit bulls. They are so scary! Sorry for the tremendous upset of you and your husband too-it can't have been easy.

  5. How horrible! Im happy to hear that Kodi is going to be okay. Im sure he'll get lots of TLC. Wishing Kodi a speedy recovery.