Dreaded Dentist SOL 4/31

The month long writing challenge it is hosted by Ruth and Stacy @ Two Writing Teachers blog. This month’s posts will be dedicated to the challenge and may or may not be teachery! You have been warned!! LoL

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow.
It is not my favorite.
I’d rather be in labor.
Or have stitches.
Or have ten kids, than go to the dentist.
I took the whole day off.
I will need it.
I haveissues.
One tooth needs a new filling.
One needs drilled.
Or capped.
Or both.
I have to go to the dentist tomorrow.
I am not happy.
I think I’ll go eat ice cream.

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Please ignore my funny looking background. My blog also has issues. I have been in contact with the amazing McKenna to see if she can fix me. I hope she can. Or do any of you know how to fix me??


  1. I had a visit with my periodontist and this was just the first one of many to come on Mondays. UGH!

  2. I'm going on Wednesday. Not my favorite either!

  3. Tammy -- too coincidental I am also off to the dentist tomorrow. Although I'm not sure about having 10 kids over going to the dentist, I do know that I am nervous and ashamed about how long it's been since I've been ... far far too long. I am scared for the questions that I hate answering like, "how often do you floss!" Kind of like a kid must feel when they get grilled for not doing their homework!

    Take Care tomorrow!

  4. I'm not a fan of the dentist either. What is it with the dentist? Why does no one like to go? And looking where no one else can even see? Humph . . . I'm glad you are taking the day to recover. Enjoy the ice cream. :) You'll be just fine.

  5. Does anyone REALLY like going to the dentist? Thanks for putting that out there so we can all commiserate! (And I hope there is lots of painkiller used tomorrow!)