Golf Carts and Go Carts SOL 15/31

There is something wrong with our chocolate lab. He is about ten years old usually mellow and very sweet but when our neighbor gets out his golf cart he starts pacing. And pacing. And pacing. He paces so much he has worn a path in our yard.
The neighbor’s grand-kids often visit and ride the golf cart for fun. It is not fun for Nick.
I don’t know if he worries about the kids. I don’t know if he thinks they aren’t supposed to be riding it. I don’t know if he just wants to go play, but no matter the reason it drives him zonkers. It sometimes gets so bad his tongue hangs to the ground and we can’t get him to stop. Finally we bring him inside to calm him down (maybe he just wants to come in).
I thought it would be getting better because our neighbor is living out of town right now
Until I saw the neighbor on the other side bought a go-cart.
Our poor neurotic dog.

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  1. Oh, poor Nick. I hope the go-cart does not bother him like the golf cart did. Chocolate labs are great dogs.

  2. Dogs are so intuitive. He is sensing something that upsets him. Poor guy.

  3. Oh my! Poor dog. I really pity him so much. Maybe he's just sensing something not right.