Happy Birthday Hubby! SOL #5/31

The month long writing challenge it is hosted by Ruth and Stacy @ Two Writing Teachers blog. This month’s posts will be dedicated to the challenge and may or may not be teachery! You have been warned!! LoL

Today my hubby is 48. He is now the same age I am, for the next six months. When we met we were both 17. I soon turned 18 and graduated one year before he did. People said it wouldn’t work. They said we were too young, too immature.
That was probably true. We were very young and I can’t imagine my own daughter at the age she is now being so serious about a boy. There is so much life to live before becoming tied down.
But for me life was different. My own parent’s marriage was falling apart, and Donnie had survived his parent’s divorce (s) at an early age.
We were looking for each other. We were searching for our constant. Our ever after.
That is what we found in each other. He is the one I lean on. I am the one that listens. He is my fixer and who I hold onto. I am his healer and one that makes him laugh.
We have grown up together and now begin the slow decent of growing old together.
He is my hubby, my love, my best friend, my life.
Happy Birthday Donnie.


  1. This is perfect. You two sound like a wonderful balance for one another, and you can't turn away from what's right simply because you didn't expect to find someone at such a young age. I am inspired by such true and lasting romantic stories. Thanks for sharing, and happy birthday to your husband!

  2. A very happy birthday to your hubby, as I am celebrating mine as well! I love to hear stories of young love that has lasted and matured into a full-fledged adult relationship; makes me wonder if you were both old souls to begin with!