I Mustache Introduce You to My Brother...He's Priceless SOL 28/31

Today I was going to slice about the fun we had in first grade with The Easter Bunny Assistant and dying Easter eggs. But then I came home booted up my lap top and checked Facebook. And this is what I found!

I always knew my brother was priceless but he now has it in writing!
Michael (Mike as everyone else knows him) is my second oldest brother( he's the one in the cowboy hat). Growing up he was my idol. He is funny, sweet, sincere and so easy to admire. He can tell a story or joke like no one else, and is the best cook.
I was left in his charge much of the time, after my older brother moved away. He is five years older than I am and having a little sister tag along when you are a teenager cannot be a lot of fun. But I don’t ever remember hearing him complain; although he did move away from home as soon as he was of ageI’m sure it wasn’t because of me. J
 I of course did not let that deter me! I begged my parents to move too, and low and behold we soon followed him to Oklahoma (I’m sure the fact that it was the oil boom had nothing to do with that either, sometimes I live in my own little worldit is nice here).
Once in Oklahoma and back with my brother I was happy again. And then he met Kim. His wife. I made him ask her out. I have no idea why. They soon got married and I bawled my eyes out, again. He was leaving me once more, but not too far this time, just a town away.
The next thing I knew I was married, and my priceless brother said “come live by us, there’s plenty of room.” So we did, for a while. And then I moved. He did not bawl his eyes out. We still spent many weekends together, and he still made me sour dough pancakes for Sunday morning breakfast. I was ok.
Years passed and my children arrived. They loved my brother as much as I did. He was their “Michael-Michael.” He still is.  Michael and Kim were not as lucky we were. It was sad and hard on us all. But I warned them it would happen, they would have their turn, when Kim turned 40. I now loved her as much as Michael. I forgave him for marrying her.
But then they said “we’re moving to Montana,” and I bawled. This time so did my kids. They loved them as much as I.
It’s been many years now, and I guess they’re never coming back, and I can’t talk my hubby into moving there. I still miss him and that wife, a lot. And guess what? They had a baby! A precious little girl, shortly after Kim turned 40.
Facebook has been great because it’s almost as if we are near. My priceless brother owns a hat shop. He “builds” cowboy hats. The name of the shop is Hbar Hat Works, catchy huh and very fitting.
So if you ever find yourself in Billings Montana you mustache stop in and see him. Tell him his sister misses him and is grateful for all the years he let me tag along.    

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  1. It doesn't get any better than to have a wonderful brother, and sister-in-law too. Sorry they're so far, but it sounds like you keep much in touch too. Thanks Tammy-hope you showed this to Mike!

  2. Now, THAT is priceless. Thanks sis. (Your still a brat)

    1. your anonymous does not hide who you really are! lol