I Really Enjoy Your Company SOL 11/31

If ever you’re having a bad day, grumpy about the time change, or mad at the world you just need to step inside my classroom.
First grade kiddos do not let you stay in a glum mood for long. This year especially I have been told I love you many many times. It has been stated that I am the best teacher EVER, and I typically enjoy hugs all day long.
But I have to say one of the nicest things I have heard this year or in years past was from one of my sweetie pie little girls the other day. She was skipping by with a book in her hand, turned to me and said, “I really enjoy your company.”
I about lost it. I thought that was too sweet. I promptly replied that I too enjoyed her company. If I was down or tired or grumpy it quickly went to the wayside. You just can’t beat a day in first grade! Even when the time changes!
As a side notemy daughter text me today and said she is now officially an Education major. I will no longer be able to tease her for going to college to study “wildlife.”  I am very proud of her no matter what she decides to study! 
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  1. Children really can lift us up with their truthful remarks!

  2. What a sweet thing for her to say. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. That is so sweet! I love when a student says something like that--reminds me why I became a teacher.

  4. What a sweet thing for her to do, Tammy, & I'm happy about your daughter (if you are) too.