More SOL 18/31

Yesterday I sliced about how hard it is to slice at times. I was met with understanding, encouragement and gentle pushes from my wonderful slicing family. I expected no less. They are a valuable part of this experience, this writing family, and they make it more, make me more.  I am so appreciative.
Today I woke with new determination. In my sleepless hours last I thought back to my college days (really not that long ago even though my age say otherwise) and I remember fondly learning that I love writing. I love putting words on paper and then playing with their placement, flow, feeling. I like having others reading what I’ve written and reading what others have written.
One of my most favorite parts of that college class was the “quick writes” the teacher would have us do. We were asked to just write without thought of convictions, grammar, spelling or approval.  I liked having a word or a topic to write about and then listening (or reading) how each of us took a different approach to the same topic. This must be why I enjoy slicing so much.
So today’s slice is an ode of sorts to the quick write, and my inspiration comes from your comments. Thank you!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to quick write!! No excuses for not having time. It's Quick!! Write!! (c;

  2. I love the idea of quick writes - ignoring everything, just write. Also love the idea of writing quick writes with others and then listening to how to the individual thoughts or approaches. Thanks for writing today!

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  4. Tammy, your class in college sounds way ahead of its time. I never had a class that asked us to do that. I had a few writing classes but mostly we did prepared assignments. Keep at it, & those quick writes will be terrific to read!