One Tough Cookie SOL 21/31

Today my baby had her wisdom teeth pulled out. It was scary for mom and daughter alike. She was in the room quite a while. Many went in. Many came out. We waited. It was cold in the waiting room. We and the others kept coats and sweaters on. More came in, more came out.
Finally they called “someone for Hadley.” Up popped her daddy and I. She was standing at the door, gauze stuffed mouth, eyes a bit watery.
“Are you ok?” We ask. She nods and tries to smile, impossible with all that gauze.
I look at the dental assistant. She was sweating. I was still cold. She was the size of Hadley when she was maybe ten. She was very small. She laughs and says “I am burning up, she was a workout.” We laugh not sure what she means.
She goes on to explain one tooth gave them some trouble. The top left tooth had roots that spread in four different directions. The dentist told her it was one for the textbooks. She went on to explain it took six shots to numb the tooth, and if she’d been Hadley she’d said ENOUGH, but Hadley endured. She is one tough cookie!
She is now home, one pain killer down and a few bites of KFC mashed potatoes. I hope the next few days are easy for her. She deserves it!   

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  1. Oh my. The memories your piece brings back. Now I'm trying to forget!!

  2. Never easy. My daughter says the dentist is making noises at her about those teeth! She's procrastinated a long while. Tell Hadley that it'll be better soon, & she be done forever! Best to you all, Tammy. It just isn't easy when it's your kid is it?

  3. Poor thing! I hope she recovers quickly.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Love her heart! Bring on the ice cream.