Slice of Life #2 What do You Value?

The month long writing challenge it is hosted by Ruth and Stacy @ Two Writing Teachers blog. This month’s posts will be dedicated to the challenge and may or may not be teachery! You have been warned!! LoL

Does your home tell people what you value?
The hubby and I were sitting in the living room yesterday before the shower and out of the blue I asked him what he thinks people coming into our home for the first time think that we value.
He looked at the shelves around the television and simply said “our kids.”
 As I looked around I replied, “well yes it’s that, but it’s more don’t you think?”
“I think it is family and tradition, commitment and comfort, home, hard work, and education.
It is not décor or elaborate furnishing. Although it’s clean it’s not sterile or untouchable. If you look beyond- into closets and cupboards you will see it is not organization that most people thrive on, it is my own and for the most part it works.
I say “I hope the people that come into our home think- this is comfy, I feel at home, and would like to stay a while.”
My hubby the deep thinker that he is says-“huh.”
The shower was a success. Many of the teachers that came had never been to my house before. They stayed long past the cake and gifts being opened.
I think they felt at home. 



  1. I'd much rather go to a house that is a home than a showcase. I think I'd feel comfy in yours.

  2. Comfy is wonderful - I remember when I was growing up and we visited my aunt, she had white French Provencial furniture - with plastic covering it. Talk about feeling uncomfortable. Homes are to be enjoyed - glad your's is that way!

  3. I'd love to come visit, Tammy. I just know I would feel like staying a long while! I guess most of us wonder about your question once in a while, but I hope that everyone feels good when they visit, and loved too. I think it's the people who make the home, though. Even if it's rather uncomfortable, if the people are loving then I'm okay with that too.

  4. I've wondered the same thing about my office, too ... if it welcomes people in a warm embrace and tells them what I value before I say or do anything for them. I'm with the others; I'd love to come for a visit!