The Cheesiest SOL 12/31

Have you ever had a cheese crisp? Man I miss those. Every Friday night my dad would take us out to supper when we were kids.  Usually if I got to pick the restaurant it was Mexican food. I loooovvvveddd Mexican food. I still do.  Not just any Mexican food. REAL Mexican food. I grew up in Arizona. I grew up on real Mexican food. There is not a lot of real Mexican food in Oklahoma, but it is getting better.
Before we ate we always ordered and cheese crisp for an appetizer. Sometimes I ordered one just for my meal. They were so good, cheesy and hot. My brother’s and I often fought over the last piece.
The best ones were from a place Willy and Guillermo's in old Tempe. They had the best guacamole and cheesiest cheese crisps. The cheese would string from the pan to your mouth until you twisted it around your tongue like your grandmas bobbin threader.
I really miss those cheese crisps. 
I really miss Friday night suppers out with my family.  

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  1. I knew you would get to the important part, that one about Friday suppers with family. Lovely, Tammy!