This is Hard SOL 17/31

It’s hard this writing thing. Hard to know what to write. Hard to come up with something to write. And hard to know if anyone cares what you are writing.
I read Michelle’s slice from the Literacy Zone and I see that she too is struggling with the words to harvest day after day.
I better understand after just a few years of doing this how hard it is to put in the effort day after day, and I am in awe of those that do it for a living.
My brother has a friend who is a writer. You may have heard of him Craig Johnson. He writes the Longmire stories, the ones that the Longmire series is based on- on A and E.
My brother asked him once how he became a writer. He told him it’s all he does. He has quit his day job, and just- writes.
It’s a scary thought giving up all you have just for the joy of writing. How do you pay the bills? What if no one likes what you write? What if you never publish anything you write.what if you fail.
I think that is my struggle down deep, not having the words to write, but instead what if nobody likes, comments, reads what it is I have written. What if I fail.  

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  1. You are not failing. You are writing and that's winning. I completely get how you feel though....there are days where there aren't any words. Just write!

  2. This is my second year doing this challenge and I think at this point last year, I wanted to throw up my hands and say "I don't have anything else to write about". Amazingly, something does come to mind and you did a fine job on this slice. Keep writing and challenging yourself. Comments do appear and your writing is accepted.

  3. That's what makes the SOL challenge so special. When others read my posts and comment, I feel that I can find my writing niche.

  4. I was talking to Katherine Patterson (yes THE Katherine Patterson) this weekend at my state reading conference. I mentioned to her how the story she and Trent Reedy just told made me want to sit down and start writing, but that I was afraid no one would care or that what I would write is stupid. She said the hardest thing for her is to turn off her inner critic, but she has to do it. She said not to invite that critic in until you begin revising.

    Easier said than done, if you ask me!

  5. Yes, it is hard. And isn't that what our little ones say when they have nothing to write about? I think now it's about the experience. It's about saying that you've been there before with nothing to write and so you wrote about what seemed like nothing but then it turned into something! A slice with many comments and writers who agree with the magnitude of the difficulty.

    There is no failing. I know you would never say that to your first graders. Words on the paper. No one said it had to be a final draft or a published piece. Just words on the paper that connect to one, two, many readers . . .

    Hmmm...I may have to steal my own words here for tomorrow's slice! Thanks for the inspiration, Tammy! Little did you know, but your words about this whole writing thing being hard just gave me my post for day 18. :) Feel good about that. That is not failing! :)

  6. I think we climb a mountain almost every day Tammy, & should be proud that we do. We don't have to do it gracefully, just get there, & you did it today, just as Michelle did, and all the others. I don't always have time to read everyone's slices, but you write so much from the heart that I hate when I miss yours. Keep going!