Triple Dipping SOL #3/2013

The month long writing challenge it is hosted by Ruth and Stacy @ Two Writing Teachers blog. This month’s posts will be dedicated to the challenge and may or may not be teachery! You have been warned!! LoL

Here’s hoping you all don’t mind if I double dipwell ok triple dip, because today for my slicing I’m linking up with two other blogs. But with good reason.
Each month Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade hosts a linking party called “Currently” it’s a fun way for MANY bloggers to get together to tell what’s currently happening in their lives. It is a lot of fun and a great way to meet new bloggers.
Farley has a few rules with her linky party that help navigate and allow “newbies” an opportunity to mingle with those of us that have been around a while. The reason I mention it is because it’s what I have decided will work for me for commenting on slices this month.
Farley’s rule is that you must comment on two bloggers that link up before you and one after you. That way EVERYONE gets comments, because that’s what we’re all looking for right? Validation.

Usually in March and the rest of the year I skim the slices, find interesting titles, familiar slicers, etc. to comment on. It works for the most part. But there seems to be an abundance of slicers this year (YAY) so to try and read more and comment more I have decided to use Farley’s rule of 3 but notch it up a bit to the rule of 5. I’m still going to browse the slices- read and comment on the ones I can, but I am also going to read and comment every day on 3 before me and 2 after me. That way I will know that I have done my part to be a good commenter/slicer!

Another link I’m making today is with Diane at Fifth in the Middle. She is hosting a link up by state! It’ll be fun to see how many Okie bloggers there are and which state holds the most bloggersmy bet's on Texas.
If you’ve never linked up with Farley before, want to try a bit of slicing, or want to link up with your state now’s your chance to try something new!    



  1. I LOVE your blog design - very cute!
    Thanks for letting us know about the linky by state party - I'm headed over there next!

  2. Hi Tammy! I found your blog from Farley's linky. Just wanted to let you know that you have photobucket wallpaper all over your blog right now. I refreshed and it is still there. Just wanted you to know in case you added something and it didn't turn out right. So funny, you mentioned laundry room flooring in your Currently. I need that so badly as well, but the thought of moving everything out to do it overwhelms me! Enjoy your weekend.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  3. Hello Tammy,

    I love your blog and we are on the same page with our like, love, hates. I can 110% agree with you on the tantrum thing especially when it comes from our little first graders!

    I am new to blogging and I love finding new blogs to get tips from!
    So glad I found you. I am a new follower.

    If you have time stop by mine.


  4. There are sooo many slicers this year! Usually I feel like I can keep up, but this year will be impossible.

    The past three days my husband has been out of town and I have had the house to myself and I STILL can't keep up. Yikes!

    I always enjoy your "currently"s I think if I did one it would be boring, but yours never are--I like the glimpes into your daily life and state of mind.