What I Learned Today SOL 30/31

Today I learned that spring is finally here- it was seventy five degrees.
Today I learned that I am not very good at using a leaf blower to blow leaves from my patio-I blow in the wrong direction.
Today I learned that although I love warmer weather my allergies do not-everything is in bloom.
Today I learned that my husband is a machine (ok I already knew this one). He tore down one fence and almost has another one up all in a day and with a sore back.
Today I learned that the wind in Oklahoma can change three directions in one day, and when it does it doesn’t matter that I am not very good at blowing leaves off a patio.
Today I learned that slicing becomes very hard in the end-I am running low on things to slice about- and yet I still do.
Today I learned that I can find inspiration for teaching in my backyard-coming soon a fun spring unit.
Today I learned that everything tastes better from a grill-even meatloaf.
Today I learned that I am only six posts away from having 300 posts on this little ol blog, and when I do I’m throwing a party!
Today I learned that if you look close enough you can learn something new every day.   

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  1. I'm impressed. You learned quite a lot in one day!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Every one is a gem, but I liked especially about your leaf blowing-the Oklahoma wind! So funny. One more day! And-congrats on the almost 300 posts. And-Happy Easter!