Color Run Fun and a Winner!

Well it’s Sunday night after a FUN, busy, weekend. I participated in my first 5K this weekend! My kids and I ran/walked in the Tulsa Color Run! It was a BLAST! I was afraid it would be too cold or hot (this is Oklahoma) but the weather was perfect!  

My son Kanten and his girlfriend ran most of the way. They started before we did so were there to greet Hadley and I when we finished. Hadley and I jogged/walked but we made it the whole way!! Yippee she jogged more than I did with a backpack on that weighed about 10 lbs. But hey she’s 30 years younger than I am. LOL.

It was such fun and there were soooooo many people there. I will doing it again next year, and this time I’m making teacher friends join!!
As promised I have picked my random number generator has picked a winner for my 25$ gift card….and the winner is….
A is for Apple B is for Blog

And this is my random number generator
Congratulations Karyn! She's not as mean as she looks!
19 more days of school for me! I’m officially in count down mode! 

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A Box Full of Spring and A Giveaway!

You know what is a great way to end a lousy day? To come home to this box on your doorstep! I have been so jealous every time my bestest buddy tells me about all the great stuff she has been getting from Oriental Trading, but now it’s MY turn!!

I came home and found this box on my doorstep, and I tell you after a long day of dreary weather and icko testing it really made me smile!
I am already planning a springy fun patio party to show off all my goodies! I am a party planning fool and Oriental Trading makes it super easy to make them cuuu-uuu-te!

This picture does not do the contents justice. There are pretty bandannas/ napkins, spring green plastic wear, a super cute banner, fan decorations, and the cutest little lanterns (I’ve got to have more of those), and sweet little snack cups with polka dots!! POLKA DOTS peoples!! I love it ALL!!
And what’s even more exciting? They gave me a 25$ gift card!! 25$$$!!
Wellll I thought about keeping it and getting more of those super cute lanterns and polka dot snack cups, but nah I’m too nice for that (stop snickering I really am). So I decided to give it away to one of you!

Here’s YOUR chance to get some super cute snack cups and little lanterns.

All you have to do is leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner this Sunday. Leave two comments if you share this somehow (Facebook, Pin it, Tweet it, Blog it), for an extra chance! Just leave a comment saying you did! 
If you don’t want to wait until Sunday for your polka dot cups head over to Oriental Trading today and check out all the super cute party things! We use their items a LOT at school too. They always have creative things for the kiddos to make, and great treats for treasure boxes and carnival fun!
Good Luck! And Thank You Oriental Trading!! 

I have to tell you my funny from today. I was leaving our office today when a little second grade girl came in. She met our secretary at the door holding her side and almost crying. She tells the secretary in the whiniest of voices "myyyy side realllllly hurts, I thiiiiink I pulllled a muscle." sniff sniff The secretary puts her hand on her shoulder and says with grave concern "oh no where were you? on the playground?" "Nooo," the little girl wails "I was taking a timed test."
I had to get out of there fast! I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pull a muscle. 
Gotta love kids!    
This review is solely my opinion I was not compensated in any way from anyone to post my thoughts and opinions on these products. 
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Are you required to teach about Prisoner of War day? We are not required to but it was requested that we do so by the state and the principal. It was today. I found out about it today.
I contemplated allllllll day how in the world I could teach first graders about POW’s. How can I explain that? I knew what I could say, but would they understand?
So after a lengthy discussion and some remembering about Veteran’s Day (and reassuring many times that no the veterans were not put in jail because they were bad), we decided we could write a poem about our POW’s.
We have been working on poetry this week and started with Acrostic poems yesterday. So we thought making one about the POW’s would be perfect.
We knew that POW would be pretty easy, and that we shouldn’t use prisoner, or war.
This is what the kiddos came up with. I was very proud. Mr. Principal was happy. And hopefully the state will be too.

Proud of our

Pretty good huh? The only part I added was “of our.”
Let me know if you were requested to observe POW day in your school.
The next one we are “requested to observe” is April 19th that was the day of the OKC bombing. That’s a sad one.
In other news it was 80 degrees here todayand we’re expecting ICE tonight. Seriously?? Somebody needs to drown that ground hog!!

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Is it Stranded if You have 4G?

I am joining up today with Latoya's Flying into First Grade's get acquainted linky party. I’ve noticed many of you linking up and reading your fun posts, and have finally decided “ME TOO!”

Today’s question is what I’d take with me if I was stranded on an islandhmmmm let’s see.
For sure my hubby, cause who else would build the fire and kill the food. Of course I could do it, but he makes it so much easier. I’d want my kids too but that’s probably pushing it right? Not really stranded?? So that’s one.
Next I’d have to have my laptop, or iPad, or I guess my iphone would do, anything I could keep in touch with my kids with, and blogs of course, so the island would need wifi or 4G...that's probably not really stranded either...I don't see cell phones on Survivor. Hmmmm
And last I’d have to have my pillow because I can’t sleep without it. I even take it to hotels with me because I can’t stand hard or too fluffy pillows.
I guess I could live with just those thingsfor a day or two. But it wouldn’t be fun I tell ya, cause I really need diet pepsi and about a bazillion other things too.
Link up and tell us what you’d need to survive. 

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Currently April

Wow just got the Slice of Life Challenge over and now it's time for Farley's Currently at Oh Boy 4th Grade. Where does the time go? 
April finds me with a day out of school and happy since it's April Fool’s day not my favorite day to be in school, although I'm sure there will be residual effects tomorrow.
This month is a long month in our school with testing and no breaks, but I’m hoping to make it a little more enjoyable with some fun spring units and activities.
Listening- Since Kodi has been home from the vet he lets me know when it’s time to eat and for his pills by whining until I hand them over, or it could be that he can’t hear and wants to make sure he’s still ok.
Loving-My kids were home for Easter yesterday. It was a nice day with nice weather. I hope they never get too old to come home for holidays, or just because.
Thinking- about what I need to cover this month and how to make all the testing days more pleasant.
Wanting-the weather was so pretty this weekend but now it is back to cold and blecky I really just want it to stay nice.
Needing- My kids and I are participating in the 5k color run on the 20th of this month and the nasty weather has put a dent in my practice time and I NEED to get back on track. I’m glad we’re just “participating” and not racing!
Advice-my best advice for blogging is to just do it for you, don’t worry about the comments (or lack of), the followers, making products, or the time you have to put into it, just do it because you want to, because it’s something you enjoy!
Happy April everyone! 2 more months till SUMMER!

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