Is it Stranded if You have 4G?

I am joining up today with Latoya's Flying into First Grade's get acquainted linky party. I’ve noticed many of you linking up and reading your fun posts, and have finally decided “ME TOO!”

Today’s question is what I’d take with me if I was stranded on an islandhmmmm let’s see.
For sure my hubby, cause who else would build the fire and kill the food. Of course I could do it, but he makes it so much easier. I’d want my kids too but that’s probably pushing it right? Not really stranded?? So that’s one.
Next I’d have to have my laptop, or iPad, or I guess my iphone would do, anything I could keep in touch with my kids with, and blogs of course, so the island would need wifi or 4G...that's probably not really stranded either...I don't see cell phones on Survivor. Hmmmm
And last I’d have to have my pillow because I can’t sleep without it. I even take it to hotels with me because I can’t stand hard or too fluffy pillows.
I guess I could live with just those thingsfor a day or two. But it wouldn’t be fun I tell ya, cause I really need diet pepsi and about a bazillion other things too.
Link up and tell us what you’d need to survive. 

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  1. Oh, I forgot to put Diet Mtn. Dew on mine! Hmm... toothbrush or pop, toothbrush or pop...

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. I thought about mentioning my pillow, but then I decided I couldn't handle it getting dirty. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. You would never make it on Survivor! :-)

  4. I'm crackin' up about your pillow. Only because I have a pillow that I don't sleep well without. But, I'm freaky and I never take mine to hotels because I don't want to get it dirty. :) I'm pretty sure you'd have 4G.
    Funky First Grade Fun

  5. I love that you brought your pillow. I was so debating that last one cuz I was thinking I needed my pillow and blanket but I needed my toiletries more. Such a hard decision. I think that my pillow & blanket will just go on hubbies list of 3 things. LOL!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach