Are you required to teach about Prisoner of War day? We are not required to but it was requested that we do so by the state and the principal. It was today. I found out about it today.
I contemplated allllllll day how in the world I could teach first graders about POW’s. How can I explain that? I knew what I could say, but would they understand?
So after a lengthy discussion and some remembering about Veteran’s Day (and reassuring many times that no the veterans were not put in jail because they were bad), we decided we could write a poem about our POW’s.
We have been working on poetry this week and started with Acrostic poems yesterday. So we thought making one about the POW’s would be perfect.
We knew that POW would be pretty easy, and that we shouldn’t use prisoner, or war.
This is what the kiddos came up with. I was very proud. Mr. Principal was happy. And hopefully the state will be too.

Proud of our

Pretty good huh? The only part I added was “of our.”
Let me know if you were requested to observe POW day in your school.
The next one we are “requested to observe” is April 19th that was the day of the OKC bombing. That’s a sad one.
In other news it was 80 degrees here todayand we’re expecting ICE tonight. Seriously?? Somebody needs to drown that ground hog!!

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  1. Your approach the teaching the students was wonderful. I think that would be a hard subject to teach children so young.
    Your blog is very colorful and fun.

  2. These are very deep topics for little sweetie-pies. You handled it wonderfully!

  3. Oh, I just giggled at your drowning of the groundhog. We've had crazy weather here in WA too. We are not required to teacher POW day...in fact, I didn't even know that a day for it existed. It sounds like you did a wonderful job sharing the right amount of information with your kiddos. I love the poem...it is perfect and would make a perfect bumper sticker.