A Bestest Teacher Buddy Linky Party

I'm Throwing a PARTY! A Bestest Teacher Buddy Linky Party! Y'all come on in and join the fun, and of course bring a friend, a teacher friend!  
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Do you have a bestest teacher buddy? I have a few really good teacher friends that I hang out with at work and sometimes outside of work. There are a couple that have been around so long that my kids think of them as family even today in their adult lives.
And then I have my bestest teacher buddy, who is really my best girlfriend. We became friendly when she was my son’s 4th grade teacher. And closer when I taught next door to her my first year teaching. I’d like to say she was a big help that first year, but ummm no... she pretty much left me on my own to find my way. "Can you show me how you did that?" She handed me a book. "Do you think that is a good idea?" She shrugged and said "maybe." "Oh I wish I had some of those, how'd you do that?" She'd hand me a copy.  
But she was always willing to listen, and always willing to laugh or cry which ever I needed from her. It seems she knew just what I needed without trying to give too much “advice” as seasoned teachers often do.
The next year I moved to first grade and the next building, but we remained close. She was my daughter’s teacher a few years later, and I tried to help as much as I could and still teach. She had her hands full with that class, but my daughter loved her as much as my son had. To this day if you ask them who their favorite teacher has been they name my buddy. My daughter even wrote about her for a project in high school. 
A few years down the road my teaching partner retired and my bestest buddy slipped into the spot. It has been hands down the best years of my teaching.
We are very much alike, and yet so different too. A student teacher I had a few years ago said we are like an old married couple because we finish each other’s sentences. Of course when she first started in first grade and would ask my opinion or thoughts about something... my advice would always be VERY helpful....JUST like hers was the few years before!  
She is much more than my teaching buddy. She is the sister I never had. She and her hubby have been to all our family events. We spend Christmas Eve together, New Year’s Eve, July 4th and any other time we can fit in together. Her husband was sweet enough to renew our vows for us a few years a go for our 25th wedding anniversary. There was not a dry eye between us. 
Monday we were with her and her hubby for Memorial Day at “our” lake (it’s really their lake but she has finally learned to share). We had a cookout, laughs and of course tons of “school discussions,” our poor hubbies.
This lady that I call my bestest teacher buddy is a beautiful, loving, Godly woman that has a heart like no other. She makes me want to do more, be more in my life in and out of school. She laughs with me, cries with me, listens to me grich and groan about school, kids, and life. She has shown me what a true friendship is and been an amazing role model for my children. I am so blessed to call her my bestest teacher buddy.
Did I mention that she is also a blogger, and we share the same name? I think it was a match made in Heaven. Even though I like to give her a lot of hell now and then! Read here about how she really treats me! 
Do you have a “bestest teacher buddy?” Link up below and share your story

Oklahoma Strong a Slice of Life

Our school ended last week. Friday was our last day and the calm of the hullabaloo of the last week was just beginning to settle in...until the storms.

It seems this year my posts have been more about the weather than anything else. So much so that I have often refrained from posting because I felt like a broken record, cold, snow, wind, and fire have been the topic of many of my slices and posts. But yesterday’s tragedy is too massive and close to home for me not to write about.
As I sat here yesterday and watched the news report on the kids and teachers buried in their schools I wept. It is so close to home, mere miles down the road. It brought back the tears and emotions of earlier this school year and the Sandyhook tragedy. I felt so helpless and yet ashamedly so grateful that my kiddos were safe in their homes.
I know those teachers did everything they could to help and protect their students...their kids. It’s just so inconceivable that there are schools in this state without storm shelters, without a safe room. It should be a law. It should be mandatory for every school. Maybe now it will.
My hubby is the storm worrier. I tell him he always worries so much that I don’t need to. There have been numerous days (and middle of the nights) that he has packed us up and made us head to the storm shelter, me grumbling all the way. I will not grumble again. I will gladly go and spend the night in the basement of our school if it means one of my kids can be safe.
The pouring out of kindness and generosity of this state never ceases to amaze me. As I sat here feeling lost and helpless today, my donations made, but unable to do more I scanned Facebook and read the people reaching out, giving what they can, doing what they can, again the emotions flood me.
One that stands out is a grade school here in our town. Our school was out last Friday, but Ponca City the closest district to us is still in. One grade school was scheduled to go to the Capitol building in Oklahoma City today for a field trip. It is a Pre K-5th grade school. The school/students decided to forego their trip and spend the 1400$ they had for the trip on donations for the tornado victims. Students and teachers alike took a bus to Wal-Mart and loaded it up with items for the town of Moore. I have friends that teach at Roosevelt, I have friends with kids that go to school there. I am so proud of this school, so touched by the heart of the teachers and children alike.

Our television has been infiltrated with tornado coverage. My heart has been permeated with emotion for the people it has affected. Our lives have been bathed with heartache but our spirit will forever be embedded with the generosity it has generated through it all. We will survive yet one more tragedy in Oklahoma. We are Oklahoma strong.     

You can help the Moore schools through Donors Choose http://www.donorschoose.org/okschools

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Tornadoes in OKC

Thoughts and Prayers to teachers, families, people of the Moore schools and homes in OKC.

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Gone Squatchin'

What’s a teacher to do when it’s the last week of school and the kids are as ready for a break as the teacher? 
Why take them Squatchin’ of course.
We’ve been doing the whole pop the balloon to count down the last ten days thing and the kiddos have loved it! Each day at the end of the day we pop a balloon to find out what the next day’s theme will be. We have had balloon day, school appreciation day, popcorn and movie day, and today was lunch on the lawn and Squatch hunting day.
We began by learning a few facts about Bigfoot, watching a few short videos and documentaries about the Bigfoot Phenomenon, and learning the best way to “call in” a Bigfoot.
I had the kiddos bring paper towel rolls to use for “knocking” and talked about the best way to “holler” for Mr. Bigfoot.
After we enjoyed our lunch picnic style on the playground finished up our books about Bigfoot and headed out to the playground just before the last bell rang.
It was HILARIOUS! I gathered them all under a big tree and told them that the Squatch may show himself if we stayed in the shadows and “called” really loud. 
I really am B-A-D for the amount of lies I told these poor babies. But I just couldn’t stop. They’d whoop and holler and I’d shhh them and then get wide eyed and say “oh my gosh did you hear that?” The looks on their faces just made me go on and on. I know! I just couldn’t stop!
I’d crouch down and point, they’d crouch down and look. I’d say “knock and holler louder” and they’d scream and whop, holler, and howl. Then I’d put my hand up and they’d still. “Look” I’d whisper and they’d freeze. “I see one they’d shout.” I’d turn and have to cover my laugh.
I can just imagine what the poor parents thought that were waiting in the drive to pick up their kids “Mrs. Klinger has lost her mind poor thingit’s finally catching up to her” 
Oh my Word! I loved it!  I know, I know I am BAD!
I am doing a whole unit on Bigfoot next year! I can hardly wait!!
Until then here is a copy of the book I made up to use today. You can get it here for free until the last day of my school. FRIDAY!!
Here's a few examples.  

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Currently May

It sure doesn’t feel like May, but Farley tells me it is so because she has the May Currently up and ready. But really how can it be May? I think it is really only February and that psycho ground hog keeps popping
his head out saying -nope six more weeks nope eight more weeksnope TWELVE more weeks of winter!!!! Enough already 44 and sleet is not normal even in Oklahoma.

My baby girl moved home this weekend. Twelve weeks to bask in her company. I am so cherishing every moment. My son’s girlfriend graduated from OSU yesterday with her MBA. It was 50 degrees colder than last year when my son graduated. Really!

We have only 10 more days of school. 8 for me because I have 2 personal days left, and I am taking them. On my duty days J Hadley is subbing for me, for the first time. She will be subbing almost every day this week I guess she’ll figure out if teaching is really for her or not!

My bucket list is easy on me but hard on the hubby. He will be putting in a new floor, building me an arbor, and eating salads to help me lose those 15 pounds!

I hope you are having a warmer spring than we are, and if you are please send some our way!! 

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