Gone Squatchin'

What’s a teacher to do when it’s the last week of school and the kids are as ready for a break as the teacher? 
Why take them Squatchin’ of course.
We’ve been doing the whole pop the balloon to count down the last ten days thing and the kiddos have loved it! Each day at the end of the day we pop a balloon to find out what the next day’s theme will be. We have had balloon day, school appreciation day, popcorn and movie day, and today was lunch on the lawn and Squatch hunting day.
We began by learning a few facts about Bigfoot, watching a few short videos and documentaries about the Bigfoot Phenomenon, and learning the best way to “call in” a Bigfoot.
I had the kiddos bring paper towel rolls to use for “knocking” and talked about the best way to “holler” for Mr. Bigfoot.
After we enjoyed our lunch picnic style on the playground finished up our books about Bigfoot and headed out to the playground just before the last bell rang.
It was HILARIOUS! I gathered them all under a big tree and told them that the Squatch may show himself if we stayed in the shadows and “called” really loud. 
I really am B-A-D for the amount of lies I told these poor babies. But I just couldn’t stop. They’d whoop and holler and I’d shhh them and then get wide eyed and say “oh my gosh did you hear that?” The looks on their faces just made me go on and on. I know! I just couldn’t stop!
I’d crouch down and point, they’d crouch down and look. I’d say “knock and holler louder” and they’d scream and whop, holler, and howl. Then I’d put my hand up and they’d still. “Look” I’d whisper and they’d freeze. “I see one they’d shout.” I’d turn and have to cover my laugh.
I can just imagine what the poor parents thought that were waiting in the drive to pick up their kids “Mrs. Klinger has lost her mind poor thingit’s finally catching up to her” 
Oh my Word! I loved it!  I know, I know I am BAD!
I am doing a whole unit on Bigfoot next year! I can hardly wait!!
Until then here is a copy of the book I made up to use today. You can get it here for free until the last day of my school. FRIDAY!!
Here's a few examples.  

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