Oklahoma Strong a Slice of Life

Our school ended last week. Friday was our last day and the calm of the hullabaloo of the last week was just beginning to settle in...until the storms.

It seems this year my posts have been more about the weather than anything else. So much so that I have often refrained from posting because I felt like a broken record, cold, snow, wind, and fire have been the topic of many of my slices and posts. But yesterday’s tragedy is too massive and close to home for me not to write about.
As I sat here yesterday and watched the news report on the kids and teachers buried in their schools I wept. It is so close to home, mere miles down the road. It brought back the tears and emotions of earlier this school year and the Sandyhook tragedy. I felt so helpless and yet ashamedly so grateful that my kiddos were safe in their homes.
I know those teachers did everything they could to help and protect their students...their kids. It’s just so inconceivable that there are schools in this state without storm shelters, without a safe room. It should be a law. It should be mandatory for every school. Maybe now it will.
My hubby is the storm worrier. I tell him he always worries so much that I don’t need to. There have been numerous days (and middle of the nights) that he has packed us up and made us head to the storm shelter, me grumbling all the way. I will not grumble again. I will gladly go and spend the night in the basement of our school if it means one of my kids can be safe.
The pouring out of kindness and generosity of this state never ceases to amaze me. As I sat here feeling lost and helpless today, my donations made, but unable to do more I scanned Facebook and read the people reaching out, giving what they can, doing what they can, again the emotions flood me.
One that stands out is a grade school here in our town. Our school was out last Friday, but Ponca City the closest district to us is still in. One grade school was scheduled to go to the Capitol building in Oklahoma City today for a field trip. It is a Pre K-5th grade school. The school/students decided to forego their trip and spend the 1400$ they had for the trip on donations for the tornado victims. Students and teachers alike took a bus to Wal-Mart and loaded it up with items for the town of Moore. I have friends that teach at Roosevelt, I have friends with kids that go to school there. I am so proud of this school, so touched by the heart of the teachers and children alike.

Our television has been infiltrated with tornado coverage. My heart has been permeated with emotion for the people it has affected. Our lives have been bathed with heartache but our spirit will forever be embedded with the generosity it has generated through it all. We will survive yet one more tragedy in Oklahoma. We are Oklahoma strong.     

You can help the Moore schools through Donors Choose http://www.donorschoose.org/okschools

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  1. I'd forgotten that you were right there in Oklahoma. I'm so sorry this tragedy has hit your state.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. What a sad, sad event. My heart goes out to everyone in Oklahoma. Thank you for sharing this sweet story and reminding us of how giving others are. :o)

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  3. I am so sorry for the devastation that has happened in your state. And thank you for the lovely story you shared of elementary students sacrifice to give.

  4. Tammy, don't feel like you are a broken record. The weather plays a big factor in our lives, so please continue to slice, even if it is just to complain. My heart aches for the people in Moore, it reminds me so much of the devastation of Joplin. Glad you wrote today.

  5. I'm thinking of everyone in Moore. It's horrific what happened. The stories of hope coming out of there are inspiring.
    Thanks for the slice - I can really feel your sadness through your words.

  6. Thank you for writing, one can feel how the closeness makes the sadness sadder and the gratefulness at witnessing generosity and service deeper. In Indiana we had Henryville. Like you, I hope for shelters to be required. Young lives are too precious.