It's No Walk in The Park! SOL

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A walk in the park it is not, but it is peaceful and quiet and full of the sweet smell if honeysuckle.  I leave my house and walk the quarter mile down the quiet road we live on. At the end I turn west and head for “Old River Road.” It’s about ¾ a mile past our corner. It’s an easy walk this trip down the country road, not a lot of traffic in the early morning. If I turned east I would run into my school. I choose the other direction, too soon to think about the end of summer.

It’s downhill to my turn around. My legs go faster than the rest of me. Hadley refuses to come along- says I walk too fast. I find this funny since she is almost 6 foot tall and only 19. But she tells me my legs are longer than hers and I’m always in a hurry, must have been from trying to keep up with her and her brother all those years.

I make it to the end, I turn and breathe. The hill, or hills, one small one, one steeper mock me. The first time I had to stop. Often. Maybe I do walk too fast, but I wasn’t then. I could barely trudge up the incline. Today I made it with only a short pause almost to the top of the last one, the steep one.

Finally I round the corner to our road, almost home. In our yard and a quick stop on the porch, the shoes can’t come off fast enough. My toes need to breathe, need to be free of the confines of closed toes. I hear my flip-flops calling and the final stop of my back yard. It’s going to be a beautiful day!

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  1. That's a beautiful walk. Thanks for capturing it with pictures and words!

  2. What a nice walk through the country. I love the way you mixed photos with words to give me a great image to think about.

  3. Love that you took us with you, Tammy! All the pics are fun to see, but especially those final two! Great post!

  4. Lovely to walk with you.

    sounds like a beautiful way to exercise. :-)

  5. First off, good for you to get out there! Each time you climb those hills will get easier and easier. And you'll feel better too! Love the picture of your relieved toes! Enjoy the time to think -- walking for me is always a great brain session full of ideas!

  6. Love the walkalog and the pictures. I think the line about your 19 year old is too funny. I have long legs so I get it. I always yearn for my flip flops at the end also. I feel myself improving with my exercise a bit this summer too. xo